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Here’s what you can expect with today’s Brisbane Southeast weather

As fall turns to winter, what can locals expect today? We have the latest news from the Weather Bureau.

The dew point of 11 at 10am today means the temperature will be a pleasant 18.8 degrees. Relative humidity is 59 percent.

The expected maximum temperature today is 24, which is the same as yesterday’s maximum temperature.

Today’s highs will peak on Friday, but cooler conditions are expected in five of the next six days.

Chances of rain today are 5 percent.

Similar showers are likely tomorrow with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting a very low chance of rain (5%).

The predicted UV index is 4. There is a moderate risk of harm from sun exposure. Experts recommend covering up, using sunscreen outside, and staying out of the sun around midday.

Winds will be west-southwest at about 19 km/h in the morning and turn east around 12 km/h in the afternoon.

Details for the next six days:

Thursday, May 25: Sunny. Min – 9. Maximum – 24.

Friday, May 26 Sunny. Min – 12. Maximum – 25.

Saturday, May 27th Sunny. Min – 9. Maximum – 22.

Sunday, May 28: Sunny. Min – 8. Maximum – 22.

Monday, May 29 Mostly sunny. Min – 8. Maximum – 22.

Tuesday, May 30: Sunny. Min – 8. Maximum – 23.


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