A cold spell has sent temperatures in the southeastern part of the country plummeting this morning, with the possibility of snow in the Alps, while gusts of wind blow through. Victoria.
New South Wales and Queensland Residents are bracing for more rain this weekend, as Sydney and Melbourne face minimum temperatures of 9C and 10C respectively today.

The forecast in Canberra today will be 4C lines and Hobart will shiver in an 8C morning.

Melbourne's cold weather
A cold spell has caused temperatures in southeastern Australia to plummet. (JoeCastro)

The front rolled across the country this morning, one of a series of “cold fronts” expected this week.

“A cold front will sweep across Victoria early Wednesday morning, with scattered showers mainly over and south of the range and to the northeast,” the Bureau of Astronomy (BoM) said.

“The snow fell 1200 meters”.

A 5- to 6-meter-long southwest expanse would also spill onto the west coast of present-day Victoria.

This will “decay to almost three meters on Thursday”.

And possibly strong winds in NSW above 1200 meters this morning.

Towns split by floodwaters for the second time this year

Rain returns to NSW and Queensland

The weather agency’s five-day forecast suggests showers will return to NSW and Queensland on Friday.

Rain will intensify over the weekend with 6 to 15 mm forecast for Sydney on Saturday and 10 to 20 mm on Sunday.

The rain modeling shows will be the biggest in Sydney and Brisbane on Saturday.
Rain modeling shows will increase in Sydney and Brisbane on Saturday. (Ventusky)

However, the office said “flooding is not currently expected”.

Showers will also increase in Brisbane around this time. The heaviest rains are predicted for Saturday, with 10 to 20 mm of rain.

‘Unreasonably low’ causes flooding in WA

A flood warning has been issued for the Pillbara region of Western Australia as an “unreasonable” low pressure trough powered by a tropical moisture plume, which seeps deep into the state’s interior.

    Cumulative rainfall forecast for Monday through Wednesday of this week, according to the ECMWF model.
Cumulative rainfall forecast for Monday through Wednesday of this week, according to the ECMWF model. (weather zone)

The alert area covers Port Hedland to Onslow and surrounding inland areas.

Weatherzone wrote: “20mm to 40mm falls could accumulate inside Inland on Wednesday night.”

“This could include a six-hour rainfall rate of about 60 mm to 120 mm in parts of the Pilbara, enough to cause flash flooding.”

Let’s see what the weather is like across the country’s capitals this morning.

Mercury will reach a maximum of 26 degrees Celsius in Brisbane, today will be partly cloudy.

A maximum of 20C will be felt in the Port City after a morning low of 9C.

It will be a mostly sunny day.

One or two showers are forecast to flood Melbourne, where lows are 10 degrees Celsius and peaks are 15 degrees Celsius.

At 4 degrees Celsius, Canberra will record its lowest temperature this morning of the country. Mercury will reach a maximum of 13C.

It will be partly cloudy.

Showers are easing in Hobart today, with the capital expected to be in the 8°C – 12°C range.

There could be showers in Adelaide this morning. A low of 11C will be felt, before temperatures rise to 18C.

It will be sunny in Darwin today, with a maximum temperature of 34°C.

Showers and storms are likely today in Perth, more likely in the morning and afternoon.

A low of 13 degrees Celsius and a high of 22 degrees Celsius is forecast.


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