Super hero worthy of super high rate! If you are looking for a meaningful and rewarding job, then you may want to consider a role in the profession. In this section, OSJCT explores the benefits of careers in their care home.

Social care is a fulfilling profession that provides vital services to some of the most vulnerable adults in the community. The Trust has prioritized a number of measures to support and reward our colleagues, and we are pleased to confirm that we will be paying the current Living Wage from April 1, 2022.

Benefits of working from home care OSJCT

We pay real wages

We are committed to recognizing and rewarding all of our colleagues. All staff are paid £9.90 or more and all care colleagues are paid more than £10 an hour. We also offer salary increases, service-related annual leave, competitive pension scheme and retail discount scheme.

Do something meaningful and rewarding

Our residents are at the heart of everything we do and our team is pleased to make their lives a little easier. Knowing that you make a difference to their day provides a real sense of accomplishment that is hard to experience in any other role.

Get a degree on the job

We believe attitude, empathy and life experience are important. All the rest you can learn. We provide training and also keep experienced people up to date with best practices and development techniques. You will also have access to nationally recognized qualifications, including apprenticeships.

Transformation model

We offer different models of change that can be tailored to family, academic or social commitments.

Get paid to socialize

Our homes are vibrant communities where our teams pride themselves on providing top activities, entertainment and food to our residents, in touch with family members and Take the time to get to know our residents.

Gazette Series:

Access free benefits resources

You will have access to a wide range of free resources, including advice, financial and legal information through our 24-hour Employee Assistance Program and Caring Staff Charity .

Are you a Caring Superhero? Super hero worthy of super high rate! Find your next role today: • 0808 120 8946


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