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Comic Book Guys, Belfast: Third NI-based comic booked released as brothers Aaron and Austin Flanagan play starring roles

Aaron and Austin Flanagan just released the third installment of their comic series

Aaron and Austin Flanagan, Comic Book Guys owners in downtown Belfast, created the third installment of their comic book series, The Revenants, with their father David.

The series follows two brothers as they confront zombies in Belfast, on the Enterprise train, and in Dublin.

Aaron said the manga meant a lot to his family but now “means a lot to so many people”.

The previous two comics in the series have become popular among comic fans in Northern Ireland and around the world.

The family hopes this book will replicate the success of others.

“The fact that we have orders from the US, Australia, Europe, from all over the world and people in the store are buying our books, it still confuses me,” says Aaron.

“Didn’t expect our pamphlet to be available in some of the biggest comic book stores in the world.”

He promises fans that the latest comic is even more exciting than the previous ones, saying that “it’s not just zombies this time”.

A Knight in Town by John McFarlane, Comic Book Guys.

Aaron and Austin’s father, David, is the author behind the comic and Aaron said he was the best fit for the job.

“It’s a weird and funny feeling but when you get a comic written about you, no one writes it better than someone who knows you, and no one knows you like your dad,” he said.

The brothers were keen to use local artists to illustrate their book.

“Because it all featured local talent, it was a really great way to showcase the talent we have here,” said Aaron.

“People’s perceptions of Belfast, Northern Ireland and Ireland in general are not always positive but we wanted to show through the books that there is something very positive here.”

Comic Book Guys’ Aaron Flanagan (Photo by Aodhan Roberts for the Belfast Telegraph)

Aaron said his family’s goal is to showcase Northern Ireland’s talent as much as possible. “Even though we’re a small island, we’re very creative, so that’s the whole point,” he said.

One of the ways they highlight Northern Irish talent is by selling NI-themed comic prints in their store.

“One of the big things that people love here is seeing the recognizable things they see every day, but with a comic twist and a comic flavor,” says Aaron.

Prints show popular comic book characters, like Batman and Spider-Man, at some of Northern Ireland’s most popular attractions. Aaron added: “They’re iconic massive buildings and statues and things that we can take for granted here that when people see them in the comic book version, it’s really, really cool. resonate with them.

Spider-Man to Belfast by Tara O’Connor, Comic Book Guys.

Flow on the Hill by John McFarlane, Comic Book Guys.


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