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Teenager from Neston with nystagmus secures place with England FA

Alfie Colyer, from Neston, was diagnosed with a severe vision impairment called nystagmus at the age of 6 weeks.

Nystagmus is a term to describe rapid, uncontrolled eye movements that may be from side to side (horizontal nystagmus) or up and down (lateral nystagmus). vertical).

At the age of 4, Alfie started playing mainstream football with Neston Nomads FC but in 2019 the FA changed their rules, meaning Alfie can no longer wear goggles and will need a specific type of goggles. .

His father, Anthony Colyer, said: “There are no ophthalmologists here who make goggles for him and so we think he will have to give up football.

“I made a Facebook post and someone at a senior level in Vision Express picked it up and sent a team of experts from Leeds, Nottingham and Middlesbrough to get Alfie some custom goggles he still uses. used to this day.”

Wirral orb: Alfie wears goggles to play

Alfie wears goggles to play (Photo: Anthony Colyer)

Alfie continued to play for Neston Nomads until last summer. He attended an event at the Trafford Center for the UEFA Women’s Championship where England head coach Blind was speaking and Anthony gathered some contacts for the Manchester United Ability Counts team. and Merseyside Blind & VI FC.

Anthony added: “Alfie has played for Manchester United this season and played a key role in helping them to an undefeated win in the league.

“He is also playing for Merseyside in the National Myopia Football League and last weekend they also won and secured a place in this year’s FA Cup final.”

Wirral Globe: Alfie showed that even with a disability, you can still achieve your dreamsAlfie showed that even with a disability, you can still achieve your dreams (Photo: Anthony Colyer)

Secure a spot with UK FA

Two weeks ago after being scouted by England at a match, Alfie attended the University of Nottingham for a disability football assessment day in England.

He’s won a spot on the National Emerging Talent Program and will be participating in four, three-day camps over the next 12 months in Lilleshall.

The FA’s England Para Talent Pathway aims to find players ‘hidden’ in mainstream clubs and whose flaws may not be immediately apparent.

They look for people with cerebral palsy, blind or hearing impaired who have the skills and dreams to step up and play for their country.

Anthony said: “This will hopefully take him to a place where in a few years he can hit the international title.

“I compensate him and I know how hard he has to work. It proves that if you work hard and persevere, opportunities can still come, even if you have a disability.

“I wanted to share this so any other kids think they can’t get somewhere because they have a similar condition, they absolutely can.”


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