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Emmerdale’s Louise Jameson speaks out about email and text scams

In the film, her character Mary Goskirk explores online dating and falls in love with a woman named Faye, who tricked Mary into almost donating money to raise money for an “overseas charity project.” “.

When it turned out to be a scam, Louise said it was something she was all too familiar with, revealing that since turning 70, she has been “inundated with phishing emails and texts every day.” week”.

She explained to Mirror: “I will receive emails, phone calls or texts at least once a week trying to lure me into some kind of scam.

“They can be algorithms but there are algorithms that will say things like ‘I have a lot of money, can you give me your bank details so I can put in there.’

“Then there are others like ‘You can transfer all your money into this account so we can save your current account’.

“I doubt everything. I even had this with the BBC recently.

“The BBC has changed the method for paying your royalties and they asked me for my bank details even though they already have them on a different form.

“I completely refuse to do that. They had to jump through many hoops to convince me that was the correct way to get royalties. I won’t give anything away unless I meet face to face in the actual building.”

Louise now 72 years old explains how her friend has been targeted recently Cheat and almost lost £20,000.

Talking about the incident, she said: “Her bank account was emptied and a bank sent her a message saying: ‘Is this you? If we don’t get a response from you, we’ll assume it’s,’

“She’s in the Outer Hebrides and there’s no signal. She has lost almost £20,000 and is now fighting the lawsuit.

Who is Louise Jameson?

Based on IMDbIn 1976, Louise was known to millions of viewers across British television channels for her role in Which doctor?.

She got her first foray into entertainment as Leela, the alien savage companion of Tom Baker’s Doctor.

She has also appeared in the popular BBC series, Tenko (1981), where she was cast by Pennant Roberts as Blanche Simmons.

In 1985, she became a regular cast member in the BBC detective drama Bergerac (1981) based on Jersey as John Nettles’ love interest.

Louise has had many other roles including the character Rosa di Marco in EastEnders.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30 p.m. on ITV1 and ITVX.


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