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Renters in England to be given legal right to request pets

The measure would ensure that landlords do not unreasonably deny a tenant the option to keep a pet in their home, giving tenants an opportunity to challenge unfair decisions.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new bill.

When can a landlord deny a tenant a pet?

Landlords will be asked to review each case on an individual basis. There are a number of situations where a homeowner can “reasonably” refuse a request for a pet, including where their superior landlord forbids pets.

Further guidance on when homeowners can refuse pets will be published by the Government before the new rules come into effect.

When there is disagreement, tenants can refer their complaint to the Private Lease Ombudsman or through the courts, which makes a final decision based on evidence provided by both parties.

What rights will tenants have?

If a tenant feels they have been unreasonably denied a pet, they can file a complaint with the Private Lease Ombudsman or they can take the case to court.

The final decision will be based on the evidence provided by both parties.

What rights will the landlord have?

If a pet damages the property, insurance will cover any damage caused as a result of changes made to the Tenant Charges Act 2019.

Watford Observer: Credit: smrm1977 / Getty

Credit: smrm1977/Getty (Photo: smrm1977/Getty)

A tenant’s rent deposit can also be used for damages, although a landlord should not attempt to recover costs twice for the same damage.

In the event that the security deposit or insurance does not cover the damage, the landlord can take the tenant to court for the cost of the damage.

Government guidance on the new bill says: “We will roll out the new system in two phases, ensuring all stakeholders have enough notice to make the necessary changes.

“We will give you at least 6 months notice from the first implementation date, after which all new tenancies will be made periodically and governed by the new rules, including new ones. changes to rentals with pets. The date of this will depend on when the Bill receives Royal Assent.

“To avoid a two-story rental area and to make sure landlords and tenants are clear about their rights, all existing tenancies will move to a new system on the second day of implementation. We will allow at least 12 months between the first and the second.”


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