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What is the date for the Huntingdon 2023 carnival

The weekend event will take place on August 13.

On Saturday, August 12, the carnival parade will leave Huntingdon Market Square at midday and will proceed to Riverside Park.

At Riverfront Park there will be fun fairs, food stalls, charity stalls, bars and dog shows.

Recreation at the arena for the day will include , as well as a flight over the Storm.

On Sunday, Live In The Park will put seven local bands on stage, along with all of the previous day’s attractions.

There will also be a spot perfect for a family picnic, as well as a Spitfire flight.

For more information and to book a booth visit:

Bill Hensley, president of Huntingdon Carnival, said: “We’re hoping for some sunshine this weekend, but not the 40 degrees it was last year when we had to cancel the parade, around 25 degrees is perfect. ”

Entry to the event is free.


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