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Hour by hour met Office weather forecast for Newport today

According to the Met Office’s latest forecast for today, Thursday, Newport temperatures will hit a hot 27 degrees with “lots of prolonged sunshine” and will be “another hot night”.

The percentages of UV and pollen will be very high, but there is still the possibility of an “unusual afternoon shower”.

South Wales Argus: Newport in the sun

New port in the sun (Pictured: Cousin Jim)

Newport in the sun. Photo: Cousin Jim

In its forecast for Wednesday afternoon, BBC Weather said: “Tomorrow will be warm with hazy sunshine in the morning as areas of high cloud continue to move in from the southwest. In the afternoon, clouds may be possible. thick enough to create an individual shower.’

Temperatures in Torfaen will also hit 27 degrees, while Ebbw Vale will peak at 23 degrees.

As we move into Friday and into the weekend, Newport will experience “extended sunshine”. But the Met Office is warning the weather will be “wetter with the possibility of thunderstorms on Saturday and Sunday”.

Hourly weather forecast for Newport today:

  • 6h: mild sunshine, 16 degrees;
  • 7am: mild sunshine, 17 degrees;
  • 8:00 am: sunny, 18 degrees;
  • 9am: sunny, 19 degrees;
  • 10am: sunny, 21 degrees;
  • 11am: sunny, 22 degrees;
  • 12h: sunny, 24 degrees;
  • 13h: sunny, 25 degrees;
  • 2pm: sunny, 25 degrees;
  • 3pm: sunny, 26 degrees;
  • 16h: sunny, 27 degrees;
  • 17h: sunny, 26 degrees;
  • 18h: sunny, 26 degrees;
  • 19h: sunny, 25 degrees;
  • 20h: sunny, 24 degrees;
  • 21h: sunny, 22 degrees;
  • 22h: clear sky, 21 degrees;
  • 23h: clear sky, 20 degrees.


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