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Yellow weather warning for thunderstorms in Wales

Scattered spells of sunshine and showers are what the Bureau of Meteorology has predicted for North Wales in today’s weather warning from 12pm to 23.59pm.

The weather forecast for today is as follows: “After an initial dry spell, showers and thunderstorms will soon break out in the afternoon, particularly in the east. Outside there were showers, a few warm but murky sunny spells. Light winds, although perhaps strong winds in heavy rain.

Tonight, the Bureau of Meteorology predicts that it will be cloudy with some late sunshine. Showers will subside, “though there is a chance the showers could merge into longer-lasting heavy rains across the east before the rain stops overnight.”


“By Sunday afternoon and into the night, slow-moving showers and thunderstorms could lead to localized flooding across the country,” said Sarah Cook, National Flood Director at the Environment Agency. Older brother.

“Environmental Agency teams are on the scene and will assist local authorities in responding to aboveground flooding. We urge people not to drive when floodwaters are high – the water is often deeper than it looks and only 30cm of running water is enough to buoy your vehicle.

“Everyone should check for flood risk, sign up for free flood warnings and stay up to date with the latest situation at or follow @EnvAgency on Twitter for the latest flood updates.”

Monday looks cloudy with some showers.

The weather bureau said: “Clouds gradually dissipate to produce further scattered, localized showers of sunshine and showers with heavy rain and thunder. Feeling warm and humid with gentle breezes.”

Next week, the outlook for Tuesday through Thursday is as follows: “Slight showers mixed with sunshine. The heavy and local thunder with strong gusts of wind. Keeping warm during sunnier spells and generally quite humid leading to extra muggy nights.”


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