LONDON (AP) – Six people have been arrested after climate change activists climbed aboard an oil tanker in central London to protest against fossil fuel investments, British police said today. Saturday.

Climate activist group Extinction Rebellion said two Olympic athletes – gold-medal rowers Etienne Stott and Laura Baldwin – were among those protesting on Friday. The tanker protest was part of mass climate protests on Friday that saw hundreds of activists blockade four key bridges across the British capital, causing delays. and disruption across central London.

Extinction Rebellion said thousands of people are expected to be in London’s Hyde Park on Saturday for more protests.

More than 600 people have been arrested in the past two weeks after environmental activists climbed to the top of oil tankers, chained themselves to structures and blocked roads at oil depots across the UK. Conservative government halts any new oil and gas projects.

The protests are part of a burgeoning climate action movement that has also seen the group Insulate UK obstruct motorways and roads to push for government funding for thrift homes more energy. The needs are becoming more urgent as energy prices are skyrocketing in the UK and elsewhere.

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Political cartoons

A Shell spokesperson said the company respects “people’s right to express their views — we only ask them to do so for their safety and the safety of others”.

“We agree that there is an urgent need for society to take action on climate change. Shell has a clear goal of becoming a net zero-emissions business by 2050, in sync with society,” the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, police in central England say nine people have been charged after Just Stop Oil staged protests on Friday at an oil terminal in Kingsbury, near Birmingham.

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