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Baby orangutan born at Blackpool Zoo in England: ‘Very special’

A UK zoo is celebrating the birth of a Borneo orangutan – the first birth of this critically endangered animal in 20 years.

Male Borneo orangutan, born earlier this month in Blackpool Zoo in the UK, will make her public debut this weekend after spending two weeks with her mother.

Animal rights groups say the species is in decline, which is why the zoo says it has made breeding efforts to ensure its survival.

Through its membership in the European Endangered Species Program (EEP), the zoo last year introduced a 13-year-old male Borneo orangutan named Kawan along with two other females. Kawan, who is from Apenheul Zoo in the Netherlands, fathered the new lemur with Jingga, a 13-year-old female who arrived in Blackpool in 2017 from her birthplace in Barcelona.


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