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This UK man was the only passenger aboard a luxury flight! It cost him only INR 13000, World

Who doesn’t like surprises, but what about an overwhelming surprise? Well, a man from the UK has surprised you so much that you will start to envy him after reading this article.

This amusing incident happened to 65-year-old Paul Wilkinson, who boarded a Jet2 flight from Portugal to Northern Ireland to see his family. Interestingly, he was the only passenger on his Jet2 flight. At first, he was a bit confused when he saw that there was no queue at the airport gate, and when he asked if the flight was delayed or cancelled, he was told that he was the only passenger on the flight and called passenger. ‘VIP guests’ of the flight attendants.

At first, Wilkinson thought it was a joke, then realized he had an entire plane to himself, and later he described the experience as ‘surreal’, and it seemed like it. is his private jet.

He shared that the flight attendants called him ‘King Paul’ and that he had an exclusive safety show, an opportunity to choose his own seat and also speak to the captain first. when taking off. He also added that he had a friendly chat with the captain and took a walk around the plane.

Wilkinson added that he was the only passenger off the plane and that passport officers were shocked to see him, before happily processing his paperwork.

Now, the most interesting part, the whole journey cost him only $162 (about 13,000 yen)! Wilkinson added that he was “spoiled” by the service of the flight attendants and joked that next time on his flight he would ask how many people were on the plane.

The airline also commented on the exceptional situation and added that they were really pleased to host Paul Wilkinson and provide him with their award-winning customer service in true VIP style.


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