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A Gloomy Week Ahead | Blog

So far, summer weather in the Southeast has been a bit disappointing.


We are in mid-June and when we look at the mean temperature anomaly map, we can point to a defined area of ​​below-average temperatures concentrated in the area in question.

The generative model has not worked in our favor so far this season. While we had shots of hot summer-like weather, we were frequently stuck in various blocks that caused the area to suffer from the influence of the slide.

Unfortunately for the area (and the beach trip I’ve been planning), the model consensus is that this will mostly run until the end of June.


This week there will be Rex Block developments in the Eastern US.

Repeat: The Rex Block occurs when similar strong ripples and strong grooves “stack” on top of each other, with the ridge towards the poles and the slide toward the equator. They can be cleared slowly and will last until the top or bottom weakens.

And that’s exactly what we see in the map above. While a solid ridge forms once again in Eastern Canada (bad news for the ongoing fires), we should see a trapped upper level low extending through the Southeast. According to the modeling, this pattern will stay until the end of the week, clear for a short while and then try to develop again next week.



Another bleak, cooler-than-average week for the region.

Rainfall will also be abundant.


More than 2 inches across the area is expected over the next 7 days with maximums along the eastern Gulf Coast, where deeper humidity and stronger storms are expected, as well as Southern Appalachian, where the reverse flow will help enhance these totals.

Although this is great news for some regions that have recently seen drought grow, it’s a model that most summer lovers can’t live without.

As mentioned, another high-low is now forecast to develop early next week, leaving the area in a similar situation until the end of June. Maybe July will bring a change? It’s too early to say.

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