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A Late Season Chill | Blog

As advertised on both my and Armando’s blogs last weekend, much cooler air hit homes in the east of the Rockies this Monday morning.


Morning lows up to 25 degrees below average were observed this morning. Extensive frost and freeze warnings are in effect when temperatures rise near or even below freezing.

Late season frosts and/or freezes like these can be especially worrisome for those working in the agricultural sector. Warmer-than-average winters bring an early start to the growing season, putting more crops at risk than usual during late-season frosts.

And the threat is not over yet.


As we remain in a colder-than-average pattern, there will be some extra chance of frost/freezing in various areas east of the Rockies during high pressure and night skies Clearance is still under control:

  • Tuesday morning lows will drop to near/below freezing in the Ohio River Valley and Tennessee/Central Appalachian.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday mornings, the coverage of near-freezing temperatures decreases to some extent, remaining in the Midwest/Great Lakes/Northeast.
  • By Friday, cloud cover is increasing and an advanced system will keep temperatures from falling too close to freezing, except in northern New England.

But we’re safe then, aren’t we? After all, it’s almost May.

Not too fast.


While areas east of the Rockies will remain slightly below average for the week, models suggest another, stronger cold snap will materialize early next week behind a departing front. . It is possible that the morning low could again reach freezing point for many people.

Of course, this is a week and is subject to change. However, if you’re working in agriculture, it’s a forecast worth keeping an eye on.

Take steps again tonight to protect any soft vegetation if your area is threatened by frost or freezing. And, even though it’s only a week away from May, don’t let your guard down. At least one more frost/freeze is expected as cooler-than-average temperatures continue.

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