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De Niro’s partner suffers Bell’s palsy after giving birth

Robert De Niro

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro’s partner has revealed that she was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy after giving birth to their first child.

De Niro (79 years old) has become a father for the seventh time.

Martial arts trainer Tiffany Chen was reported by the American magazine People at the time as his newest partner.

Discussing her postpartum diagnosis, Ms. Chen told CBS Mornings: “I started to feel a strange sensation on my tongue, it felt like a little tingling, it just started to go a little numb and then I got it. out that his face feels strange.

“I don’t know what I’m feeling. It feels strange.

When asked if she looked different in the mirror, she said: “When I got home, everything started to fall apart like my face was bleeding on its own and then a week after giving birth. , that’s when it all hit. and I called my doctor. I’m trying to eat. I just put a fork of food in my mouth and everything came out, I couldn’t eat.

“I started stuttering. So I said, there’s really something going on here so they said go to the hospital right away, they put me in the hospital and I lost all facial functions as soon as I got into the hospital. “

Bell’s palsy is a temporary weakness or lack of movement that usually affects only one side of the face.


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