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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse co-producer addresses audio complaints

Co-producer of Spiderman: Via Spider-Verse resolved a complaint about the way the film was being shown.

Last week, when the acclaimed sequel of 2018 Into the spider verse When it was premiered, many viewers expressed their frustration on social networks because they could not hear some dialogues in the film.

Sound problems hit cinemas around the world and became such a serious problem that Phil Lord, who co-produced the film with Christopher Miller, was forced to intervene.

He urges moviegoers to “get someone to check” to see if they are watching a screening with the volume too low.

“Friends of Spider-Verse! if you get to the theater early and want a fun quest, have someone check that the theater volume is set to reference level (7)! If the sound is a bit low, invite them to turn up the volume to 7.5! “

He added that if movie theater staff give them an “outrage”, they should “tell them we’ve agreed”.

Lord later said that he had made a gift for those showing the film, revealing cards that read: “I played spider verse at maximum volume because I’m cool.

‘Spider-Man: Crossing the Spider Universe’

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Spider-Man: Crossing the Spider-Man Universe had an epic opening weekend, earning $120.5 million (£97 million) at the domestic box office. This is the second major premiere for a 2023 film after the fellow animated film Movie Super Mario Bros.

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