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Adoption Central England joins national ‘You Can Adopt’ campaign – Warwickshire County Council

Drive in Central England launches to find people to adopt the kids who are waiting for the longest home.

Today, the UK Adoption Center (ACE) joins the national ‘You Can Adopt’ campaign, bringing together regional and voluntary adoption agencies across the country to highlight the round of support important to adoptees. The campaign comes as new research reveals that 45% of parents in the West Midlands find invaluable support from other parents when it comes to raising their children.

The new campaign aims to reach potential parents of children belonging to certain groups who often wait the longest to be adopted (around 8 months) and watch a new series of films being released with Real life stories from people who have adopted and raised children as well as others who have been adopted by themselves. The films highlight the different means of support available throughout the adoption journey from voluntary and regional adoption agencies, social care workers, charities, users employees, friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.

As part of the campaign, You Can Adopt has merged several organizations, including John Lewis and the Family Foundation, to show their support for adoptees. A new podcast episode featuring Love Island winner and former children’s social worker Sanam Harrinanan in conversation with an adopter about their adoption journey was also released today.

The latest data available shows there are 1,980 children awaiting adoption in the UK, with 990 of these (50%) having waited more than 18 months since being in care. The majority of children awaiting adoption (59%, 1,170 children) come from specific groups that consistently face the longest delays in finding a home. These groups include children five years of age and older, children with complementary and/or complex needs, sibling groups, and children of Black and mixed backgrounds. Compared with children without these characteristics, children from these groups waited an average of eight months longer from care to adoption, a total of 32 months.

  • Children over the age of five wait 16 months longer to be adopted than children under the age of five
  • Children with disabilities wait nine months for adoption compared to children without disabilities
  • Children in sibling groups wait seven months for care longer than single children

Black and mixed-race children have to wait two months longer on average to be adopted from care, with delays caused by not enough black adopters and impending hybrids adopting children with same origin. This is why, as part of the campaign, a specialized recruitment drive will be made to encourage blacks and people of mixed backgrounds to consider adoption.

To help find parents for these children, the You Can Adopt campaign aims to encourage potential adopters by acknowledging that, although these groups of children will need extra support, the strength Family and a permanent home can change these children, and a circle of support is available to help those who apply on this journey.

To explore parent support networks and what family and community diversity mean to the wider public, You Can Adopt a Child has published new research showing that support is needed. for all parents – not just adoptees. Research shows that in the West Midlands:

  • 86% believe community is important in raising a child
  • 66% have people they consider family outside of their immediate family or blood relatives
  • 45% of parents find support from other parents invaluable when raising their children, with 24% seeking help from WhatsApp groups (or similar) or online forums
  • 45% of parents say their child has a non-blood relative they call aunt or uncle

The Adoption Support Coalition is an entirely new group of charities, organizations and employers, convened to demonstrate a broad commitment to supporting and encouraging those in need. Potential adopters want to adopt the longest-awaited children. The growing alliance includes dedicated charities such as family fund And Reproductive network and employers offer a wide range of rights and benefits that are inclusive to applicants including John lewis it was the first employer to pledge support.

Adoption support services are available to families and children of all ages and at different stages of the adoption journey, from preparing for adoption to meeting the child’s future needs. future. The Adoption Support Fund, established by the Government, can provide access to therapeutic services to children and their parents, after assessing support needs. All adoption agencies also provide ongoing support and counseling to all adoption families they work with.

Services include counseling, support groups, training, workshops, family days and specialized therapy tailored to the family’s needs. Regional adoption agencies are working to strengthen these services, with an enhanced offer set to launch in September later this year.

On behalf of ACE, Councilor Sue Markham, Warwickshire County Council’s Children and Families Portfolio Holder, said:

“Adoption has the potential to be life-changing – for both the child being adopted and the family welcoming their new member. Of course there are challenges, and having the right support is important. ACE is the first and only adoption service to be certified in the approaches offered by Dyadic Developmental Practice, an agency that appreciates the impact of childhood developmental trauma. This allows us to support foster parents in making an emotional connection with their children to help them build safety and trust. If you’re considering adoption and wondering if it’s right for you, please get in touch to chat.”

Sarah Johal, National Adoption Strategy Lead, has this to say about the longest-awaited children:

“While it may take longer to find the right family for some children, every child deserves the right to a loving, stable and lasting home, which is why The You Can Adopt star is encouraging anyone to consider adopting siblings, older children, children with complex needs. or people from the Black Community coming forward. The campaign also recognizes the importance of community in raising children and highlights the many forms of support available to adopters, from peer support, family outings, training sessions and conferences. counseling, therapeutic and financial support for groups of children with such additional needs. Adoption may not always be easy, but there is support at every stage and can positively change a child’s life trajectory forever.”

A couple, who adopted their two children through ACE, commented on how they’ve been supported since adoption:

“Over the years, the support from ACE has been invaluable. Just knowing that we have the care and support of an ACE social worker at the top of the phone/e-mail gives us peace of mind, not only when things are up and down but also in many good times. We regularly attend local peer-to-peer support groups. As foster parents for almost eight years, we recommend that all adoptive parents stay in touch with ACE, especially during good times. So if your family is in turmoil, you know ‘when, where and how’ to seek support.”

If you’ve been considering adoption and want to learn more about the longest-awaited kids, find out more at For more information on adoptions in Central England, visit Their website or call 0300 369 0556.


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