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Woman finds ‘creepy’ hidden camera in Airbnb bathroom

A woman took to TikTok to share her horror when she discovered a hidden camera in an Airbnb she was renting with a group of friends.

Kennedy Calwell and 14 others are in Vancouver, Canada, celebrating 30 yearslame pants birthday when their “paranoid” friend said she had a feeling that a camera was watching them, reports Material.

Ms Calwell said they initially thought her friend was “just causing drama” but proceeded to check “every shower, every picture frame, doorknob, everywhere in the house for a camera”. .

After finding a strange outlet that didn’t fit any appliance, they used a butter knife to separate it. She said the wall outlet was “directly facing the shower,” and the team quickly discovered there was a small camera in it.

“You can see the top part is nothing, it looks completely normal. As for the bottom part, look at that little camera,” she said in the video. The group contacted police, which according to the message Ms. Calwell shows in the video, appears to confirm that there are multiple cameras in the property.

Friends are currently waiting for the results of the camera analysis.

How to detect hidden cameras in Airbnb

Ms Calwell joked on the video that she was “really embarrassed personally for all the incredibly brutal things I did in the bathroom the night before”.

“Part of me didn’t believe it was real and then they found the camera, which means we were there for an overnight shower and stuff,” she added before asking for advice on what to do. .

The video has been viewed more than 6.5 million times. Ms. Calwell later wrote in the comments that “The owner of the house claims that they know nothing about the hidden camera but they are renting the house to someone.”

The list of where the camera was found has been suspended from the accommodation website. An Airbnb spokesperson said independence: “We banned hidden cameras and previously refunded guests when we investigated this allegation.”

Last month, an Airbnb owner in South Korea left a bill of $1,570 (£1,260) after a couple retaliated against them by leaving the faucet running for a month when they were unable to cancel a booking. room.


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