In the busiest month for air travel since 2019, August’s peak for passengers traveling through Manchester Airport is set for Sunday. But at London Gatwick, peak passenger numbers won’t arrive for another four weeks.

This is one of the findings of an exclusive survey of The Independent of the UK’s top airports, in a summer where the post-Covid aviation stressors are palpable.


Last weekend saw departures from Manchester Airport hit their peak and Sunday 7 August is predicted to be the busiest for the rest of the summer – with 94,000 passengers passing through, with average speed per second.


Nearby Liverpool John Lennon Airport expects its busiest departure date to be Saturday 6 August, with 7,140 passengers taking off and its busiest day overall being Sunday 7 August. The Mersey Gate will peak in visitor numbers on Sunday, August 28, with 7,200.

The top holiday hotspots will be Palma, Malaga, Alicante, Faro, Barcelona, ​​Jersey, Nice, Rome, Tenerife and Bergerac.


Heathrow, the busiest airport in Europe until the Covid-19 pandemic, has limited outbound passengers to 100,000 per day at the earliest until September 12. In 2019, it typically shows from 110,000 to 125,000 passengers depart daily. In terms of domestic tourist arrivals, the last few days of August and early September (through Thursdays) are expected to be the busiest times for Heathrow over the next month.


Gatwick Airport has limited the number of daily flights for August to 850. The busiest days for guests will be August 19, August 26 and September 4. Peak departure dates are Friday 2. and Sunday, September 4 is expected to be the busiest at last.


Monday isn’t usually a particularly busy day for UK airports, but at London Stansted, the busiest departure date is expected to be Monday 8 August, with passengers full. luckily flying away on a three-week holiday will return on the busiest arrival day, the bank off Monday, August 29.

However, Essex Airport stresses that there are many days where high bookings and last-minute bookings can change the picture.


At Luton Airport, the busiest day for arrivals – and generally the busiest – is a bank holiday on Monday, August 29, with 57,000 passengers passing through.


London City Airport is expected to reach 1 million passengers during the summer (July-September), with Thursday’s four-day order expected to be the busiest: 11, 18 and 25 August. plus September 5.


Bristol Airport is expected to average 31,000 passengers a day over the next month – with “a slight increase in passenger departures on Thursdays and Fridays”. [25 and 26 August] before the bank holiday.

A spokesperson for the leading hub for the West of England said: “We expect traffic levels to be maintained in September with traffic dropping in October when some seasonal services end.”


The busiest day of the week for arrivals and departures at Birmingham Airport is Friday, with the next four days – 12, 18 and 26 August plus September 2 – a total of over 40,000 passengers, both inbound and outbound. and come.

In the five weeks from August 8, West Midlands Airport predicts more than 1.3 million passengers. Birmingham’s second busiest day is Monday, with the August 29 bank holiday potentially peaking – and even the following week, on September 5, passenger traffic is high when other airports are expected. The number of passengers will decrease drastically.

Eastern Midlands

East Midlands Airport is also expected to hit a peak of 17,000 passengers on Monday, August 29.


Newcastle Airport says the busiest day of August for outbound passengers is today, August 5, with Friday August 26 expected to be the busiest day in terms of arrivals and departures. total number of passengers – about 19,000 in total.


At Scotland’s largest airport, Edinburgh, Thursdays and Sundays are predicted to be the busiest throughout August, with an expected peak of Thursday 25 August with 22,286 passengers arriving and 21,224 departing passengers – approximately 2,500 passengers per hour in total during normal operating times.


At Glasgow Airport, peak passenger numbers (both inbound and outbound) were 28,293 on Friday 15 July.


A spokesman for Northern Ireland’s largest airport, Belfast International, said: “We anticipate Friday 26 August to be the busiest over the next four weeks.”