Alan Carr has spoken out about facing recent difficulties in his personal life, saying that comedy could be what keeps him out of a slump.

In January, the comedian announced that he and husband Paul Drayton would be separating.

The couple were previously married in 2018 but have been together for a total of 13 years. Also, Carr’s pet dog, Bev, died in May.

According to former Chatty Man homeowner, the combination of both events significantly affected his emotional state.

“The marriage ended, the divorce happened and then the dog died,” Carr said Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine. “It was a year of trash.”

Writing comedies proved to be a challenge for him in light of his personal problems; “It was like nailing the void to the wall, like the tectonic plates in my relationship were shifting,” he said. After that, Bev was slowly fading away. “

Carr then went on to explain that these difficult events affected his stand-up comedy performances, but he felt support from his audience.

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“I know it sounds silly but, yes, there was a time when I stood in the wings and just wobbled and thought I couldn’t go on,” he said.

“I think the audience feels that too. As if there was another cheer from them, ‘Go on, Alan’. I need that. “

Carr added: “I’m not depressed, no. I don’t want to say I did because I didn’t. But comedy has probably stopped me from breaking down.”

The comedian will stand in front of the More4 show, Alan Carr’s Adventures with Agatha Christiefrom Sunday, August 14.