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Holiday boost as popular destination to finally scrap remaining Covid rules for travellers

HOLIDAYMAKERS hopes to go abroad this year were boosted when a popular destination announced that it would scrap Covid’s final rules.

Most countries have removed all entry regulations originally put in place to limit the spread of Covid-19, but some have remained in place.


People will soon be able to come to the US without proof of their immunization statusCredit: Getty

However, from May 12, people arriving in the US will no longer have to show proof of vaccinations, the country’s last entry requirement related to the pandemic.

In a statement released yesterday (May 1), the US government announced that the restrictions will remain in place until May 11, after which they will be lifted.

It read: “We are announcing today that the Administration will be ending COVID-19 vaccine requirements for Federal employees, Federal contractors and international air travelers by the end of the 11th. May, the same day that COVID-19 was made public. The health emergency ended.”

The news was warmly welcomed by those in the travel industry, with the United States a popular holiday destination.

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Virgin Atlantic said it expects demand for flights to the United States to increase as a result of the announcement.

“The relaxation of immunization requirements for foreign nationals has removed barriers to easy travel to the United States, our heartland for nearly 40 years,” the spokesperson said.

“It will drive transatlantic customer demand as the busy summer season approaches.

“Virgin Atlantic has now resumed services to all 12 transatlantic destinations, including new routes to Austin and Tampa as well as long-time favorites New York, Orlando and Los Angeles.”

Virgin isn’t the only airline operating more flights to the US than before.

Low-cost carrier Norse Atlantic will be able to operate more flights from London Gatwick to New York after it was granted a license to carry foreign air carriers last year.

This leads to more destinations in the US from London Gatwick, including LA, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale from earlier this year.

Norse Bjorn CEO Tore Larsen said: “We are grateful for the support we have received from both sides of the Atlantic throughout our application process.

“This milestone represents a major step forward in creating competition in the transatlantic market that will benefit consumers, stimulate business activity and lead to job creation.

“We are pleased that we will continue to deliver on our commitment to democratizing transatlantic travel and we look forward to expanding our route network from point to point between Gatwick London and the United States as part of our 2023 summer schedule.”

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Travelers will no longer need to prove they are vaccinated to come to the US


Travelers will no longer need to prove they are vaccinated to come to the USCredit: Getty


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