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Rishi Sunak’s popularity at lowest, 70% survey respondents view the UK PM as ‘unfavourably’

Rishi Sunak, the UK Prime Minister, has seen his popularity fall to its lowest ever, as a YouGov survey found that 70% of respondents (seven out of ten) said they had an unfavorable opinion of him, while only 21% said they viewed him favorably. This puts his score at -49, down 10 points since November this year.

However, he fared better than Liz Truss’ dismal -70% rating in her final days in power and Boris Johnson’s -56% rating.

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Alongside the general low, Sunak also saw his popularity among Conservative voters slide to its lowest point with 56% of respondents saying they viewed the Prime Minister negatively, compared with 40% having a positive view.

The survey comes after Sunak sought to pass his controversial Rwanda policy bill through the UK House of Commons this week. The Prime Minister has proposed deporting asylum seekers back to Rwanda.

However, it is worth noting that the downward trend cuts across party lines, with even opposition Labor candidate Keir Starmer seeing his popularity drop to -22 (down nine points). Furthermore, 54% of voters have a negative view of the leader compared to 32% who have a positive view.

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Overall, in partisan terms, the Labor Party led by -14 points to the end of November, compared with -49 points for the Conservatives.

The situation highlights the complexities facing Rishi Sunak as he grapples with declining public perception and internal party divisions over key policy initiatives.

Sunak’s immigration policy

Sunak has unveiled what he describes as the nation’s toughest anti-illegal immigration laws. These measures aim to significantly change the UK’s approach to immigrants and asylum seekers. “Stop the Boat” demonstrates Sunak’s stance against illegal migration and his commitment to securing the UK’s borders.

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Through a social media post, Sunak emphasized the need for these strict measures. He emphasized the importance of parliament having control over immigration, rather than foreign courts or criminal organizations. The Prime Minister has emphasized that, while immigration brings benefits, it is imperative that abuses of the system end and sustainable levels are achieved.

The new law aims to reduce net migration by about 300,000. The law also includes specific provisions that will restrict foreign students from bringing their families to the UK and prevent immigration from undermining British workers. In addition, the law intends to eliminate the 20% salary discount for occupations experiencing labor shortages.

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