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I flew to a European city and had a spa day for less than £40

One man has revealed how he was able to fly to Budapest to tour the thermal baths in less than a spa day in the UK.

Callum Ryan, 22, challenged herself to fly to Budapest in Hungary and visit a thermal bath in less than a spa day in the UK.

Callum flew to Budapest for a hot bath in less than a spa day in the UKCredit: TikTok/@thatonecal
He booked a Wizzair flight for £17Credit: TikTok/@thatonecal

He shared the cheeky trip on his TikTok account after he spotted a spa day in the UK for £40.

So he booked a flight from London Stansted to Budapest by Wizzair at a cost of £17.

After spending the night in the city, he went to the Thermal Baths in Budapest early in the day. Next morning.

His admission price is 9,400 Hungarian forint (£22.12).

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Callum, from Milton Keynes, told South West News Service: “I’ve been with friends before and I had a good time there, so I thought it would be nice to come back and experience it again.

“I arrived early in the morning because the spa can get very busy but I forgot to bring a towel – so I had to dry off the water but otherwise it would be fine.”

video had more than 30,000 views but some viewers were split over the price challenge.

While one wrote: “You really are the king of tourism hack.”

Another user added: “You also get to teleport to and from the airport for free.”

Callum flew away on 17 April 2023. He stayed overnight and returned on 18 April.

In his video, Callum did not reveal how much he paid for his overnight stay, return flight, or any other additional costs he may have incurred during his daring trip.

This isn’t the first time Callum has set a budget for herself travel challenge.

Earlier this year, he revealed how he flew to Italy to buy a pizza – and it still costs less than a Domino even when he flies.

He only paid £8 for a last-minute plane ticket from London Stansted to Milan.

In the video, he shows how he packed lightly with just a small backpack before boarding his Ryanair flight – and luckily no one was sitting next to him.

in one next videothen he goes to a local restaurant in Milan, where he paid just €8.50 (£7.50) for a margarine pizza and another €2.50 (£2.22) for a service fee.

Add that to the flight, which means he paid just £17.72 – cheaper than an average Domino pizza that costs £19.99.

He also flew to Ibiza for less than a barrel of beer.

Others have made similar trips, with one woman and her friend flying to Lanzarote for a day for just £23.

His flight and ticket to the thermal bath are cheaper than a day’s spa day in the UKCredit: TikTok/@thatonecal
His flight cost him £17 and his admission ticket cost him £22.10Credit: TikTok/@thatonecal

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