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All pupils could get free bus travel under plans considered by councils

STUDENTS may be able to ride a free bus under a plan that is being reviewed by dozens of boards.

Sir Keir Starmer ordered his newly elected Labor body to devise cost-of-living measures.

People under the age of 19 can ride the free bus according to the planCredit: Alamy

One of the proposals discussed in today’s call is free bus rides for all students under the age of 19 in education.

In London, children under the age of 15 already ride the bus for free, but in many areas they pay expensive fares.

Labor won 537 councilors in local elections last week, making them the largest party in local government.

In meeting with Sir Keir today, the new bosses of town hall pledged new support to families for 100 days.

Other policies to be considered include building “true affordable” housing on council land and quarantining more homes to cut bills.

Although they have yet to give details on how the ideas will work in practice.

“I am delighted to be immediately working with our new council leaders to create emergency cost of living action plans and review local housing plans,” said Mr. direction.

“We will act now to loosen people’s pockets and support their aspirations.

“Our new leaders will consider their inheritance and use every possible lever to ease the unbearable burden this government has placed on working people.”

The government has invested nearly £100 billion in cost-of-living support for Britons struggling to make ends meet.

Halving inflation – currently peaking at around 10% – is one of Rishi Sunak’s top priorities.

The Tories failed in local elections, losing more than 1,000 councilors.


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