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Holidaymaker sparks debate over how much underwear to pack

A HOLIDAYMAKER has sparked a debate about how much underwear is needed around the holidays.

Some people always carry too much luggage, while others don’t, and it seems that no one can agree on how many pairs of pants they need to bring for a trip.

No one can agree on how many pants they need to wear on vacationCredit: Getty

The debate was started by a gynecologist, who asked her Twitter followers how many pairs they carry.

Dr Jennifer Gunter tweeted: “You’re planning a 14-day trip, and your chances of using the washing machine may be limited, so you’re doing laundry in the sink.

“How many panties do you take?”

Since then, the tweet has been viewed nearly half a million times, with numerous different answers to the question.

On one side of the fence are those who like to be well prepared in case of an emergency.

One of them was Tiffany Green, who just wrote: “30 pairs. I said what I said.”

Another named Corinne said: “25 but I pack as an absolute threat.”

However, on the other side of the debate are those who prefer to pack sparingly.

Among them is Dr. Katherine Schofield, who said: “I only bring 8-9 pairs no matter how long the trip. Wash your hands weekly.”

Another said they took even less than that.

Janice Bush wrote: “Nylon panties, no more than 4 for any long trip. Wash in sink every night. Use baby shampoo as detergent, hand soap, soap the bathroom, everything. Keep it light.”

To try and come to the correct answer, washing lesson reached out to travel experts to see what they had to say on the matter.

Seth Miller, editor of aviation news site register according to the N+2 formula, enough pairs for each day you are away, plus two more in case of an emergency.

He said: “The style, the color, the material, all the things that people feel quite comfortable with. If you run out on a trip, having to buy something else on the go will disorient you.

“One pair per day is theoretically enough, but things still happen.”

It’s a formula that Ashley Parker, senior national political correspondent for The Washington Post, also subscribes to.

She’s spent years traveling and telling stories and is used to having to pack.

She told the Post: “I don’t feel emotional about the subject. … I have set up and tried and right views. Bring a pair for every day you’re away, plus another pair or two.”

Elsewhere, Daniel Green, who owns a travel insurance company fairy and has traveled the world explaining her own 1-2-3-4-5-6 rule to avoid excess baggage.

I said Business Insider: “Bring a hat, two pairs of shoes, three pairs of pants, four shirts, five pairs of socks, and six pairs of underwear.”

He says this can be used for both long and short trips – enough for a week’s trip but can be washed if traveling longer.

Aside from underwear, almost anything can be re-worn and helps save space when the clothes are not worn.

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Some people subscribe to the N+2 rule to wear pants on vacationCredit: Getty


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