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Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr & city officials give update on tornado recovery efforts

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. and other city officials gave an update on tornado recovery efforts Friday following devastating tornadoes.

A high-level EF-3 tornado tore through Little Rock on March 31, causing buildings to be destroyed and many families displaced. The community came together to rebuild the city after seeing tremendous damage.

Scott said the city will provide a fortnightly progress report on recovery efforts. Emergency Management Administrator Matt Burks said the tornado destroyed 89 structures, mostly homes.

Director of Public Works John Honeywell followed up with Burks with an update on the cleanup efforts. He said Reservoir Park was open to the public to drop debris from the storm at no cost. Honeywell said the city is finalizing contracts with debris monitoring and removal companies to assist with damage repair, a process that could take 90 days.

Jamie Collins with the City of Little Rock said that permit fees would be waived in areas with a tornado path. He said the city is working with contractors and property owners to ensure public safety while reviewing damage and recovering goods.

Little Rock Police Chief Heath Helton added that as the city recovers, police will be in full force in the affected areas.

Scott said the city will have Impact the Rock Day on Saturday, which will focus on tornado cleanup. Cleanup will begin at 9 a.m. on Sanders, North Shackleford and Breckenridge Streets. He also added that the West Central Community Center is now a disaster recovery center with FEMA. With this update, Scott thinks residents should come to the center for assistance.

The mayor announced that the city has received more than $341,000 in donations for the Little Rock Cares fund. Scott said details of the money distribution will be announced next week.

Over the past two weeks, federal, state and local officials have all joined hands to help with recovery efforts. Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has released an aggregated website providing resources for hurricane-affected families.


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