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Most unusual things found down the back of furniture revealed

MAY interesting! Upholsterers have revealed some of the most unusual things they’ve found on the back of a piece of furniture, including animal carcasses, illegal drugs and even ammo.

While some of the more popular discoveries include LEGO pieces, key chains, spoons and dirty socks, others have dug out fully germinated seeds, gold teeth and coins.

Reupholsters shared some of the weirdest items they’ve found in furnitureCredit: Getty
Owners often forget to check their belongings before dropping them offCredit: Getty
Experts are left to speculate on the past lives of itemsCredit: Getty

The bullets were discovered in a 1953 vintage Plymouth vehicle in the UK, with ballistics experts saying two of them were fired, sparking curiosity about the vehicle’s past.

And an upholsterer even found a photo of Burt Reynolds buried deep in the sofa.

Another unlucky upholsterer unfortunately dug down the back of a sofa stowed away in a barn, only to find the remains of a cat trapped there, while another found a the lizard is dead.

Some of the other unusual finds included unused passports, condoms, billiard balls, sex toys and gift cards that must have upset their owners.

Spokesperson for GB foam directlycompiled research from upholsterers feedback in a Facebook group of more than 19,000 enthusiasts and professionals, said: “These findings demonstrate that each piece of furniture has a unique story to tell. unique.

“Every wrap job offers an opportunity to dig into the past and sometimes uncover something unexpected.

“Who knows what happened to some of these things that led to them doing extra work – and how much the owners of those items ended up missing them.”

Other finds while repairing furniture after removing layers of fabric and foam included various foods, such as peanuts and popcorn, as well as a 25-year-old beer bottle.

Scissors and remote controls were also discovered buried along with the wedding ring and mobile phone.

And while many of us have lost some cash on the back of a sofa over the years, one upholsterer stumbled across £40 of change in a piece of furniture, and another found it. $1,000 wrapped in a dish towel.

Some have found illegal drugs, especially inside commercial seats used in places like bars and restaurants, with small packets of cocaine and bags of marijuana among the most common. find.

While it’s not uncommon to occasionally find candy wrappers tucked down the back of sofa cushions, an upholsterer discovered the armrests of the chairs filled with various small chocolate wrappers.

But another was left terrified after discovering a nest of wasps, fortunately empty, taking up the entire back of the sofa.

Others came across someone’s used pregnancy test, deed of title and will, and one even discovered a raw egg – on a 50-year-old chair.

Items include food, coins, gift cards and even pregnancy test stripsCredit: Getty
Wrapping is a great way to save moneyCredit: Getty

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