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The best seaside destinations in Europe with pink sand

A WHITE sandy beach is on most Brits’ bucket list, conjuring up images of beautiful shores in Greece or the Caribbean.

But there are some even more romantic beaches with pink sand – and a few can even be found in Europe.

There are several destinations in Europe with pink sandCredit: Getty

The reddish-pink color is due to the iron mineral in the sand being oxidized in the air.

While these beaches can be found all over the world, there are several spots in Europe where tourists can wiggle in the pink sand between their toes.

Paignton Beach, England

Most Britons flock to the English Riviera to visit parts of the Jurassic Coast, the stretch of coast that is also home to a beach with pink sand.

Located on the south coast, Paignton Beach has been a hit with travelers on TripAdvisor.

One person wrote: “My daughter loves the pink sand! The beach is also beautiful, neat, clean and not crowded”.

While most tourists will spend the day relaxing on the sand, there are many other attractions in the area including Paignton Pier.

Splashdown Quay West, the UK’s largest outdoor water park, is also nearby.

Other beaches in the area such as Broadsands Beach and Goodrington Sands are also known for their unusual pinkish-red sand.

Vacationers rave about the pink sands of Paignton BeachCredit: Alamy

Elafonisi Beach, Crete

While most tourists come to Crete to relax on the golden sands or visit some of the island’s ancient sites, there is a lesser known attraction that often goes unnoticed.

The small island of Elafonisi lies to the west of Crete and is connected to the mainland by a shoal.

In addition to enjoying the pink sand beach, on holidays you can also sunbathe on a sun lounger or under an umbrella.

Both TUI and easyJet operate direct flights from London to Crete Heraklion and flights cost £71.

Elafonisi beach in Crete is covered with pink sandCredit: Getty

pink beachItaly

On the island of Budelli in Sardinia is a stretch of pink sand that has been protected by the Italian government since 1992.

Budelli Island is part of the La Maddalena Islands and is home to Spiaggia Rosa.

Although it is strictly forbidden to step foot on the beach, tourists can still admire the pink sand from the safety of a boat.

Britons wanting to visit the island will need to book themselves a private boat tour or ferry service to see this secluded spot.

Other activities nearby include a tour of Razzoli Island or Santa Maria Island.

Although it is forbidden to set foot on Spiaggia Rosa beach in Italy, visitors can still admire the pink sand from afarCredit: Getty

Ses Illetes Beach, Spain

For travelers looking for a romantic getaway in Formentera, Playa de Ses Illetes holds a lot of promise.

Located at the western tip of the island, this pink beach is underrated when it comes to coral dust combined with white sand grains.

If the clear water is not enough, tourists can also rent a yacht for the day or go scuba diving.

To get to Formentera, the British would have to fly to Ibiza, where they could catch a ferry to the island.

As well as beaches formed from pink sand, there are also rarer beaches with only blue sand.

One beach in the Canary Islands even has sand that looks like popcorn due to the shape of the coral.

Playa de Ses Illetes can be found in Spain where white sand and coral dust combine

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