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Brits to bask in 27C sun today before muggy weekend with thunderstorms and showers for many

Brothers prepare to sunbathe 27 degrees Celsius – before a hot weekend with rain for many people.

Temperatures are forecast to remain high today, with much of Scotland and England set to enjoy another “splendid” sunny day.

The sun rose today in Wimborne, Dorset – with Brits set to bask in 27 ‘glorious’ sunsCredit: SWNS
Revelers enjoyed the warm weather at the Isle of Wight Festival yesterdayCredit: Getty

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts temperatures could reach as high as 27 degrees Celsius on the south coast and in the Midlands.

Forecaster Jonathon Vautrey said: “Temperatures during that heatwave will respond, rising to highs of 27 degrees Celsius, 28 degrees Celsius possible in some places.”

A refreshing sea breeze will develop in the eastern coastal areas, with showers providing relief to anxious gardeners in Wales and south-west England.

Overnight, westerly showers will spill over northwest England and western Scotland.

Skys across the UK will become more cloudy on Saturday morning – with temperatures dropping to singles in some areas during the night.

But Jonathon added: “Covering in all these showers and the cloud pushing west is a lot more humid air.

“That will make it likely to get quite sultry and sticky again as we begin our departure on Saturday morning.”

There will be rain in Northern Ireland and Wales throughout Saturday – there is even a chance of lightning and large hail during short and intense downpours.

Elsewhere, fine weather will continue, with the sun shining through thin clouds over eastern England and Scotland.

Temperatures will remain high across the country, with 25C predicted for the Midlands and 26C for London.

But in rainy Northern Ireland, temperatures can drop to as low as 19 degrees Celsius.

Humidity will keep us awake Saturday night, before scattered thunderstorms Sunday.

Northern England and Scotland are more likely to have storms, but they are not likely to last all day.

Passing storms can also cross the Channel from France to southeastern England.

Despite the storms, temperatures could reach 28 degrees Celsius in Birmingham, 27 degrees Celsius in London and 25 degrees Celsius across the country.


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