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Brit holidaymaker stunned by guests’ NEW tactic for reserving sun loungers in mad early-morning scramble

A NEW low level of sunbed grabbing tactics has been exposed after a British tourist was left stunned at a hotel.

Tourists in recent years have had to get up earlier and earlier to drop their towels in the race for a prime poolside spot.

Tourists have resorted to lining up their towels in an attempt to secure a sunbed at a Majorca resortCredit: Mirrorpix

Some hotels at some of the popular resorts have even put in place rules to end the early morning rush to secure a sunbed.

Resorts like Camp de Mar in Majorca, Spain, even closed their pools until the next morning in an attempt to limit the growing trend.

However, crafty guests have devised a way to circumvent this rule – by placing their towels on the floor at the entrance to the pool area.

Photos show towels and beach bags lined up leading to the closed pool area so guests can secure their spot in the sun as soon as the doors are opened.

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The vacationer Geoff said Mirror: “In an attempt to control the sunbed mania, the door from the hotel to the pool area was locked until 8am.

“So people lined up their towels on the floor in the order they lined up in front of the door before it opened. I must add that these are not young people, but mainly old and middle-aged people.”

Geoff, who is staying at a four-star hotel in Camp de Mar, added: “The towel line is actually much further back (than pictured) and the owners are sitting on sofas out of sight, ready to go. ready to fly out. door was unlocked.

‘Crazy ACTOR’

“I don’t know what time they start, but one morning we woke up at 6:30 for breakfast before the tour, and there was already a line of towels set up at the door. Crazy behavior.”

Elsewhere, a tourist attacked tourists who “had the right” to book sun loungers and described how he took revenge on them.

Newlyweds Thom Aspland and his wife Lisa were on their honeymoon at the Grand Barong Resort in Bali when they discovered the sheets spread out on the sun loungers at 6:30am.

The couple returned around 1 p.m. and found the seats intact, then waited another hour without a move, before finally throwing away the pre-ordered towels and taking their own seats place.

They were then met at 3:30 p.m. by a surprised pair of “authoritative” tourists “with iPads and books in hand.”

Fragrant Bao yahoo news: “We certainly thought they had the right, but surprisingly they didn’t confront us.”

He said he attributed their non-confrontation to the fact that “they knew what they were doing”.

‘Interesting’ Revenge

Thom admits that he and his wife are just petty in bed, but they just want to prove one thing.

“We don’t even want a bed,” he said.

“Many places here have hour rules, so we just make sure we give them an hour when we get in the pool.”

Talking about the sun loungers, Thom said: “They walked quickly towards the chairs, then stopped to look at each other to stop.

“After that, they frantically searched for their two personal towels,” he said, before departing for their hotel room and was never seen again.

The couple then emphasized their views as they left, leaving the bed for the mother and daughter after explaining what had happened.

Thom also shared her story of “small revenge” online with many followers who said that leaving towels on the couch all day was “sunbathing” and disrespectful.

One said: “Am I the only one hoping for a day or two in this situation?”

Another wrote: “The proof is that not all heroes wear capes. Would scream at both of you a Bintang if I was there.

While a third added: “I would have done the same except I didn’t wait – if they weren’t there using them it was all free.”


Recently, another tourist described as the “King of sunbeds”, was spotted hastily throwing away five towels on a poolside lounger at a resort.

The hilarious footage was posted by a TikToker staying at the Paradise Park Hotel, in Los Cristianos, Canary Islands, Spain.

This comes after tourists were filmed lining up to sunbathe before 8am at a resort in Spain.

In the video, people are seen lining up around the pool, before rushing towards the best spots, to make sure they’ve got their towels down.

A mother was also furious after the sunbed fight ended with a stranger stealing her baby’s couch.

Australian couple Thom and Lisa Apland got their ultimate revenge under the sunCredit: Facebook – Thom Aspland
A man described as the ‘king of sunbeds’ can be seen darting towards the couches with a towel in handCredit: TIKTOK

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