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Rain returns today, Drier and cooler weather this weekend

A cold front will move towards Alabama today. It will be cloudy with some showers this afternoon. It will be warmer and wetter with peak temperatures in the lower 80s.

Tonight, A shower of rain and storms will move into Central Alabama tonight and will continue through early Saturday morning with cold fronts. At this time, the storms are not considered severe. However, we could see some strong winds and heavy rain. The lowest will be at 50.

Weekend outlook: The weekend forecast looks great thanks to an area of ​​high pressure moving over the Deep South! Cold fronts will move over Alabama Saturday morning with showers ending at sunrise. After that, it will be mostly sunny, windy and cooler with high temperatures around 70 degrees Celsius.

Here’s great news for Saturday’s races at Talladega, One Day at 2pm and the Stallions game at 6pm.

Sunday will be partly cloudy, windy and cool with highs ranging from above 60 to below 70 degrees. This will be the perfect weather for the GEICO 500 race in Talladega in the afternoon.

Outlook for next week: An area of ​​high pressure will cover Alabama on Monday with lots of sunshine and highs above 60 degrees Celsius. High pressure will move east of Alabama on Tuesday and that will bring directional winds south returns with some showers. High temperatures will be in the lower 70s. Unsettled weather will arrive on Wednesday as a higher-level wave and coastal lows move across the Southeast US. We will have scattered showers and storms with 60s highs. Thursday will be cloudy with just a few showers and temperatures around 70°. One front will stall along the coast and another high-level wave will move through Friday accompanied by another shower of rain. High temperatures will be in the 70s.


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