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Yellow thunderstorm warnings issued by Met Office for this weekend with flood risk

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning as thunderstorms will hit the UK this weekend, bringing with it the risk of flooding.

A torrential downpour will sweep in from the southwest and cause “life-threatening” in some areas as the downpours persist.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast this weekend, as seen here in London on July 4Credit: i-Images
A yellow weather warning covers much of the UK todayCredit: MET . Office

Two warnings are in place for most of today and tomorrow.

First affecting much of the UK from the north Scotland down to London and lasts from 9am this morning until the end of the day.

Only one WalesNorthern Ireland, the South Coast and the South West are not included in the warning area.

The Met says flooding into homes and businesses “can happen quickly”, causing damage to buildings, while the potential for rapid or deep floodwaters can be life-threatening.

The warning added: “Some communities may be divided if roads are flooded.

“Power cuts may occur and other services for some homes and businesses may be lost.”

The second warning is all-inclusive Northern Ireland between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. tomorrow and is likely to cause more traffic disruption and flooding.

The Environment Agency has 37 flood warnings, meaning “probable flooding”, operating across the country Englandwhile its Scottish equivalent has 12.

Covered areas across England, including parts of Derbyshire, Northumberland And Warwickshire.

Met Office meteorologist Aian McGivern said: “We could see some thunderstorms, heavy rain… occasional thunder and heavy hail all possible but not a guarantee.

“In the places where they happen, some serious effects can occur.”

He forecast “fresher” conditions for western areas after the rain passes, while it will be a wet and “cool” day for most other areas.

Even so, temperatures are expected to soar to 26 degrees Celsius tonight in parts of London and the South East and remain at the highest temperatures throughout the night.

Tomorrow is predicted to be a bit cooler, with a peak around 23C.

A second warning covers Northern Ireland tomorrowCredit: MET . Office
Flooding is expected, as seen here in Manchester on 3 JulyCredit: Zenpix
That could mean more delays at Wimbledon, as this woman suffered on July 3.Credit: Reuters

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