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Tottenham’s huge Kane offer, Henderson not in Manchester United squad, Lukaku pushes for Chelsea transfer as Caicedo opens door to move

Harry Redknapp believes Harry Kane will stay at Tottenham for the rest of his career.

The former Spurs boss says Kane will only leave his childhood club to win trophies, but the only club that can guarantee you success at the moment in England is Man City, and they had Erling Haaland.

Kane has been linked with a move to Bayern Munich, but Redknapp does not believe the striker will move his young family to Germany.

Speaking on talkSPORT Breakfast this morning, Redknapp said: “Harry wants to win titles. If he stays in England the only club you can really go to is Man City if you are sure to win a title, others are fighting at the moment.

“I think Arsenal will finish the season again and hopefully Liverpool will carry on, but unless you go to Man City there’s no guarantee of winning a title – and they don’t need him.

“Going to Germany, I really couldn’t see it.

“He has a family, his wife is having another child, they settled here and went to Germany to win the Bundesliga, I can’t see that.

“I think he will stay at Tottenham. I think he will end his career at Tottenham, that’s my opinion. that’s how it sees it go.

“Harry scored 30 goals last season in a team that didn’t win anything, he’s just a special player and Tottenham need him at the club if they want to continue.

“If they lose Harry Kane, he is irreplaceable.

“I would be surprised if he left London let alone go to Germany.”


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