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How Rwandan businesses are boosting visibility, collaborations

In September, Rwandan-owned businesses in the United Kingdom (UK) come together under a new initiative called ‘Rwanda Business UK’, aimed at improving their collective collaboration, visibility and support.

There are many Rwandan-owned businesses in the UK, spanning sectors such as services, entertainment, arts, marketing, education, food and coffee.

Despite their efforts to develop, they sometimes face various challenges, including limited awareness, isolation, and lack of collective support.

says Michaelle Kubwimana, Founder and Network Director at Rwanda Business UK New Times that businesses once operated “independently and in isolation” and that “each business thrived in its own field.”

This leads to a lack of engagement and hinders mutual support and awareness of each other’s efforts.

“The idea of ​​coming together came from a common motivation to strengthen relationships, promote collaboration and increase the visibility of Rwandan-owned businesses. Rwanda Business UK recognizes the untapped potential tap into the community and find ways to bridge the gap that exists, connecting businesses from many different sectors,” she said New Times.

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An essential part of the networking bridge that Rwanda Business UK is building includes many companies and entrepreneurs. For example, these companies include ISHIRI, which is based in the UK but has a team working in Rwanda, and Kawah Coffee, which has farms in Rwanda but is based in the UK.

Rwanda Business UK has done some work as a catalyst for unity between businesses in terms of organizing networking events, facilitating cross-sectoral collaboration and allowing businesses to explore coordination and exploration of joint ventures.

“The future looks promising,” she said. The spirit of solidarity and partnership has opened up new opportunities, with UK businesses ready to support and engage with Rwandan-owned businesses.” New Times.

Providing in-depth market research, competitive analysis and consumer insights, Rwanda Business UK empowers businesses to establish and grow their presence in both countries. family.

It also connects businesses with consultants, agents and experts in the UK. The organization also conducts training workshops and mentoring programs to enhance organizational capabilities in various aspects such as marketing, operations, human resources and finance.


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