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Astrological start of summer in Boston MA – NBC Boston

Welcome to summer! The summer solstice, at 10:57 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, marks the beginning of astronomical summer, and Wednesday is the longest day of daylight of the year, with places like Boston having 15, 17 minutes and 4 seconds of daylight.

Wednesday is also the best day of the week as New England finds a breather period amid Canada’s disturbances and remains north of a major, stalled storm system in the southeast and Midwest. Positive. Little by little, that storm is moving north, and the jet stream driving the storm aloft continues to facilitate northerly drift, so New England will have to deal with a that number of storms this weekend through the weekend.

Now, early cloud pockets have intermingled with sunshine, and the temperature depends on proximity to the coast, as was the case for the whole week – light winds on the coast keep temperatures at 60 degrees at the coast vs. 70 inland, but increased light wind speeds also mean excellent conditions on the water for boaters – just a foot or two out of the sea with early afternoon high tide. No matter where you are in New England, remember that the summer solstice means the sun’s strongest angle of the year, so it’s easy to get sunburnt during the weeks of today. It’s worth noting that while Wednesday brings the longest daylight of the year, sunsets will actually continue to last longer through the end of the month. It’s just that the sun rises later at a faster rate, so we’re starting to lose seconds of daylight each day.

Showers moving north across the Mid-Atlantic will reach New England’s South Coast between noon and Thursday afternoon, while clouds increase over the rest of southern New England with showers spreading over Connecticut by morning. afternoon and ends at Mass. , while northern New England enjoyed a dry and fairly bright day. Friday brings cloudy and scattered showers for most of New England as humidity spreads across the region in southerly winds. As the amount of warmth and humidity in the atmosphere increases, thunder is possible Friday night but the chance of thunderstorms is higher over the weekend. As the storm moves slowly into Upstate New York and Pennsylvania, New England will notice a combination of atmospheric energy and cool high-altitude air, warmth and humidity near the ground, and some mid-day sunshine. Clouds form every day, all contributing to more showers developing, showers and thunderstorms are expected to reach peak intensity and coverage in the afternoon through early evening.

Given the amount of energy available for thunderstorm development, some growing storms will have the potential to generate enough localized precipitation to cause isolated flash flooding or locally damaging wind and hail storms. set may cause individual damage. As a result, those planning to be outdoors are encouraged to plan earlier in the day, if possible, and make sure to plan to get inside a building or car if a storm moves in.

A sure sign that summer has arrived is the air: while the days won’t settle down, temperatures will still rise to 80 degrees as there’s sunshine and warm, humid air moving in. It looks likely that the pattern of instability will deepen next week, as new atmospheric energy at the jet stream level continues to drop over the Northeast, increasing the risk of particular afternoon-to-night showers. days in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.


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