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Rain shower timing, humidity levels, high temperatures today – NBC Boston

Rain is here again. Although Thursday is more of a “hurry and wait” because of the wet weather, the next few days we will have to avoid showers and storms.

I’m sure you already have a mental picture of what that might look like. After all, we’ve seen a lot of gray and gloom (and drift) over the past few weeks. But this cycle is a little different. I don’t think we’ll see ALL gray rain and ALL rain over the course of next week (though it could certainly happen next Tuesday and Wednesday). Instead, imagine a warm, overcast day, with the sun in the background and an occasional storm or downpour. This will be the nature of any wet weather, as the lines drive very slowly. This can cause some problems with flows and possible flash floods, especially in the higher terrain of central and western New England.

Humidity will accumulate water vapor and create an uncomfortable feeling of tightness. The dew point rises to almost 70 and stays there from Friday into next week. While the easternmost Massachusetts will NOT be under the hot zone due to frequent rain/storms, we can still avoid a few storms over the weekend and will certainly face occasional fog – especially is in the Cape/Islands.

We will be monitoring any tropical systems (current and future) next week, as the setup will be conducive to sucking tropical moisture deep into the South China Sea.

Enjoy what you can on the weekend.


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