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Highs Near 70 Today, Another Red Flag Warning – NBC Boston

Our warm temperatures will drop on Wednesday, but not a big one. With a cold front passing last night, we should see “cool” highs from mid to above 70 on Tuesday to above 60 to near 70 on Wednesday afternoon. Yes, that is almost imperceptible to many people.

What hasn’t changed is the risk of brush burn. We’re in a low-humidity, high-wind environment through Wednesday afternoon, so the Red Flag Alert (a poorly named warning in my book) for high fire risk will be in effect until 7pm. evening

Speaking of winds, we’re studying wind direction over the coming days to shed some light on the temperature story. Along the coast, it will be a horse race between the rising temperatures and when the sea breeze blows in. We can sneak into the 80s on Thursday before a weak breeze blows in in the afternoon. Friday could see winds turn east or southeast before noon, keeping us in our 70s along the water’s edge. However, other spots will reach mid and above 80 under bright sun. Apply sunscreen before you sunbathe!

Pollen is still a juggernaut in weather forecasting. High or extremely high levels can be expected as warm weather continues. As we’ve seen in previous seasons, blooming/greening is no longer a multi-step process. We are seeing more and more explosions of megablooms and pollen. The next wave of relief could come with rain on Sunday and Monday.


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