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Showers Expected Inland Later Today – NBC Boston

Incredibly, the same slow-moving disturbance responsible for weekend rain over New England continued only slowly eastward on Wednesday, not set to move across and east of the country. New England until Thursday.

We’ve seen results: lots of moisture in the atmosphere forms overnight clouds and pockets of fog each night, gradually dissipating during the day before scattered showers develop – our Wednesday I will stick to the script.

The biggest difference is that the morning clouds become more stubborn from the New Hampshire Coast to eastern Massachusetts, but by afternoon all but Cape Cod will find a combination of sun and clouds. With an easterly wind over land, temperatures will be unlikely to go above a degree or two above 50 degrees on the coast, but inland will rise again in the 50s and as disturbances level As higher elevations approach New England from the west, some showers will develop from west to east late Wednesday through Wednesday night, with some downpours or even rumbling thunder.

As these clouds move inside Interstate 495 in eastern Massachusetts, they will tend to clear into clouds Wednesday night, but a few showers will continue to scatter across New England from the west to winter on Wednesday night with a few pockets of fog forming again. By Thursday, the superior center of energy will finally spill over New England, and as a result there will be more showers during the day, although they will be sporadic. Again, a downpour or thundering thunder is possible, especially in the mid-afternoon, but by evening any showers will have stopped and drier air will arrive in Thursday night and a nice day on Friday.

Winds will continue to blow out to sea on Friday, meaning that even if it’s sunny in the first half of the day before afternoon clouds rise, temperatures won’t exceed 50 degrees Celsius at the coast, but inland it will rise 6 degrees Celsius. Best day of the week. The return of pleasant weather won’t last long – another slow-moving, intense jet stream-level disturbance will follow the same path as last this weekend, with energy at The higher elevations settled into the Great Lakes and pumped moisture north, before it, into New England.

The result will be cloudy Saturday morning and noon, followed by showers in the afternoon and gradually increasing to more steady rain Saturday evening and night. At this point, it looks like the showers will last through Sunday, though they could fall with very varying intensities.

After that, more rain is expected for at least part of Monday, especially in the morning. The bottom line is that a near-repetitive weather pattern is set to set in next week, with the slow-moving jet stream level disturbance only climbing east from the Great Lakes for a few days, making forecasts There is a chance of scattered showers every day, especially during the afternoon, with many temperatures in the 50s, although some days exceed 60 inland. At the end of our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast, we’re beginning to escape the effects of that major disturbance and should see the weather improve again next Friday.


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