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Why the Sun Is Red Today in NYC – NBC New York

Noticed anything strange about the sun when you woke up today?

It still looked like a ball of fire—but a lot redder than usual.

It’s all thanks to the wildfires in Canada. The haze acts as a camera filter to help New York City residents glimpse sunspots — and there are many of them.

Remember, it doesn’t filter enough to avoid damaging the eyes, so don’t look directly at it!

Colors keep from afar, too.

Looking ahead to the rest of the week, the weather was pretty quiet. A chance of showers or thunderstorms Monday afternoon. A passing front late on Wednesday could also produce some thunder.

No widespread severe weather is expected for both days. Check out the latest alerts for your neighborhood here.

Temperatures drop to the 60s as the front moves through and stay there until Saturday. We’re also watching to see how much of a revolving system from the southeast to the tri-state region. For now, only showers are possible from Saturday to Sunday. Meanwhile, Memorial Day itself looks amazing. Here’s your updated NYC 10-day weather forecast.

Storm Team 4’s Latest Forecast


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