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Mild Temperatures Today, Wind Gusts, Red Flag Warning – NBC Boston

As the week goes on and winds pick up, the risk of wildfires will only increase. Tuesday will be partly or partly cloudy, but very dry. The lower dew point in the 20s, combined with gusts of up to 30 mph, will result in a higher fire risk. Tuesday’s high temperatures will be mild, 70 degrees either side of the ocean.

Wednesday is also cloudy and slightly cooler than Tuesday. Winds will blow between 20 and 30 mph on Wednesday, so fire risk will remain high. Temperatures are usually between and above 60. The warmest spots will be far from the ocean. Thursday is mostly sunny, and very mild. Peak temperatures will be below 70 degrees for most points, but noticeably cooler near the water, as winds can shift northward at times of day.

Friday is very warm and is likely to challenge record highs from the 1940s. With mostly sunny skies, highs will stay below 80 degrees across the region. The record in Boston is 81 degrees, we forecast a maximum temperature of 82 degrees.

Saturday is cooler as the wind turns to the northeast. The sky is mostly cloudy and peaks in the middle and above 60 seconds. Sunday, cloudy, with rain later in the day. The highs are cooler in the lower and mid 60s. EARLY CALL for Monday’s Marathon, showers and showers, with maximum temperatures in under 60 seconds.


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