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Anglers welcomed back to rivers across England

Anglers today (Friday 16 June) will be welcomed back into rivers across England as the Environment Agency kicks off the new fishing season.

Today marks the end of the closed season, which has been going on since March 15, and crude fishing is banned in rivers, streams and certain still waters across the country to protect fish stocks. vulnerable while they reproduce and help fish populations recover.

As the season draws to a close, the Environment Agency works with fishing clubs and partners, investing in fishing license money to improve access to banking for anglers. Through the Fisheries Improvement Program (FIP), many fishing rigs, footbridges and handrails have been improved and renewed so that when the new fishing season arrives, anglers can fish more safely.

Projects completed this year include:

• River Lea, North London – Working with local fishing clubs to upgrade existing fishing rigs

• River Eden, Kent – ​​Provides new platform for less mobile anglers and informative signage

• Wolverton Steam, Thames – Replaces a pedestrian bridge for the Oxford Piscatorial Society

• River Severn, Upton – Existing steps and handrails have been replaced at a free fishing site to allow safer access for anglers

• River Hull, East Yorkshire – Provides new access to the popular stretch near Beverley to increase the length of bank available for match fishing

• River Trent, Burton Upon Trent – Replacing recycled plastic platforms near Burton for Coors Fishing Club

Dr Graeme Storey, the Environment Agency’s Director of Fisheries, said:

We know how important it is to ensure fish stocks are protected, healthy and resilient – ​​as the season approaches each year, the work of our dedicated fisheries teams and the Improvement Program Fisheries work together to help achieve this important goal.

I want to thank the anglers for respecting the rules and regulations that come with the season approaching and I look forward to seeing them return to our rivers.

During the fishing season, the Environment Agency works with partners such as the Angling Trust’s Voluntary Bound Service (VBS) to conduct patrols to ensure anglers respect no-fishing periods. This year, officials have conducted nearly 500 patrols, reporting 89 fisherman violations and another 171 accused of violating fishery laws.

Mark Owen, Head of Fisheries at Angling Trust said:

Now is the time of year many anglers look forward to; return to fishing in rivers and other bodies of water covered by the statutory raw fishing season.

While the vast majority of anglers respect this period of time, it’s great to see that the Angling Trust’s Environmental Agency Fisheries Enforcement and Voluntary Attorneys Services teams are busy, collaborating. together to watch our rivers.

Experienced anglers or those taking to the sport for the first time can now return to the rivers and benefit from the improvements made in the season ahead. It is important for all anglers to ensure that they have a fishing license. You can purchase a 1-day, 8-day or 12-month license online, with the added benefit of the option to have a digital license, saving on postage costs, and allowing more money to be spent on fisheries

All income from the sale of fishing permits is reinvested directly to support the Environment Agency’s important work to improve and develop fisheries across the country.


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