The highest temperature today reached 78-84 with strong south-southeast winds blowing up to 45 mph in the observation area.

Baseball-like hail today, then 3 tornadoes and gusts up to 76 mph were reported well northwest of here this evening. Reports continue to cover these severe storms now making their way into Wisconsin and also erupting in northeastern Iowa.


Major storms will flare up again tomorrow night-to-morrow in the northwest of our region from northeastern Iowa to far northern Illinois & southern Wisconsin & Lower Michigan.

Our peak will be 85-91, but humidity will tend to be under control. Looks like a cool windy day with gusts of 26-34 mph. We won’t see severe gusts of up to 45 mph in the area like we’ve seen today.

This, after tonight’s low of 63-67.


The storm will attempt to pass the top of the mountain into our region tomorrow night through early Wednesday morning with a warm low of 68-72.

They completely collapsed quickly south of Chicago & Grand Rapids.

Even so, we still noticed the haze. That will keep us warm and it will turn damp.



Looks like this weekend’s cold front will pass on Sunday morning with a shower of showers & storms.

Looks like the parameters show a MARINE RISK (Level 1/5) for inclement weather.

This means there could be a few large isolated storms.

This means we could see drier and cleaner afternoons.

As a result, I dropped the high temperature back to 75-80 by this new time.

We should drop to a comfortable 50s on Sunday night.


We look comfortable Monday with peaks of 73-77 with wind and sun from west to southwest.


Cold front & shortwave secondary possible with some scattered showers & thunderstorms Tuesday during the afternoon warming period. Expected, the highest level is 72-77.


We cool down to a high of 65-72 on Wednesday.



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