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England vs Australia Ashes LIVE: Cricket scorecard and updates as Steve Smith claims Lord’s century

‘We want to protect the racquet’ – Warner invades the court at the start of the 2nd Ashes Test

England and Australia return for the second day of the second Test at Lord’s, with the guests wanting to put themselves in command of the first inning. Steve Smith has dropped 85 points so far and looks ominously close to his 2019 form, although at least the hosts can be consoled at the end of the day with two goals from Joe Root. in the same match, causing Australia 339 to lose by 5 points.

However, some much-improved offensive bowling and batting are required early on Monday, if England are to prevent their opponents from opening up a massive Ashes tally to chase. .

The first day began memorably with a failed protest from Just Stop Oil supporters: just into the first round, two men entered the field carrying bags of orange painted dust. but was taken off the field with the remarkable assistance of England goalkeeper Jonny Bairstow, who lifted one of the activists to his feet and personally handed him over to security staff at the edge of the line. Then on to the second day, to see what drama will happen during this time period. Follow the latest scores and updates from Lord below:


Australia 393-7 (95), Steve Smith 110, Pat Cummins 11, Ollie Robinson 1-87 (22)

England have confirmed that Ollie Pope is suffering from shoulder pain, hence his absence from the field, but hope to secure his usual spot in third.

The Australian pair’s good cricket, Steve Smith found an accomplice ready as he crossed and was offside to continue the attack.

That’s the end of the first hour – time for a drink.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 29, 2023 12:02


Australia 392-7 (94), Steve Smith 109, Pat Cummins 11, Josh Tongue 2-89 (19)

Neat from Tongue, 88mph and precise. England’s ground game this morning went well – Stuart Broad is the latest to be asked to do some sharp work as Steve Smith drives.

A double switch – Ollie Robinson was slouching forward to limp and ready to charge in.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 29, 2023 11:59


Australia 391-7 (93.1), Steve Smith 108, Pat Cummins 11, Josh Tongue 2-88 (18.1)

An early morning bowling change – Josh Tongue joins the attack, presumably tasked with checking Pat Cummins’ technique and ticking a handful to the throat.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 29, 2023 11:55


Australia 391-7 (93), Steve Smith 108, Pat Cummins 11, Stuart Broad 1-99 (23)

England are trailing this morning, especially in third place, with the slightly odd pitch setting probably not helping. Ben Stokes is persisting with that puncher back to the back of the square, who is mostly an interloper and in between, not really a catcher nor a frugal runner.

This was a twist, with the puncher being pushed back to the back point barrier and the third slide moving into an orthodox spot in the gutter. Ben Stokes saves four people with a left dash as Cummins makes a clear connection in the driveway.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 29, 2023 11:53


Australia 385-7 (92), Steve Smith 107, Pat Cummins 6, James Anderson 1-53 (20)

Smith celebrated this milestone with one of the other delectable clips to the foot, through the midwicket. He’s enjoying this now, a smile widening on his face as he and Pat Cummins chat at the end of the game.

That’s 12 hundred ahead of England now – only Don Bradman (19, also against England) and Sunil Gavaskar (13 before West Indies) have more than one opponent.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 29, 2023 11:50


100 for Steve Smith! Australia 381-7 (91.4), Steve Smith 103, Pat Cummins 6, James Anderson 1-49 (19.4)

But here it is! Another hundred ashes for Steve Smith! It was a brilliant kill, came in with intent yesterday afternoon and then went into his orbit, barely taking a chance after overturning a delayed decision under consideration. .

Had a God’s Double in 2015 and this was an equally excellent round in a number of testing conditions. The 32nd hundred tests are delivered with a picture-perfect hit from a truly monstrous batting talent.

(Beautiful pictures)

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 29, 2023 11:47


Australia 376-7 (91), Steve Smith 99, Pat Cummins 4, Stuart Broad 1-92 (21)

Stuart Broad will try to keep Steve Smith waiting, beating Pat Cummins on the outside with another ball slightly uphill. There was a slip in place but Cummins was still confident enough to go on the ball with his feet, timing well enough for the long foot to make a double.

He spread the field; Cummins is back with Josh Tongue again on the beautiful foot fence. Broad will have a ball with Steve Smith…

Beaten! Wandering down, a charming rogue outside, but Smith survived, flashed a wry smile at the pitcher.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 29, 2023 11:44


Australia 373-7 (90), Steve Smith 99, Pat Cummins 2, James Anderson 1-44 (19)

Three slips for Pat Cummins, along with a catcher just in front of the square at the time of the drift, with Ben Stokes clapping as Anderson probed just outside. There was no proper groove, with Ben Duckett a bit deeper and thus unable to stop a shot as the dense Cummins outer edge spewed towards him.

Via Zak Crawley! Good bowling, good batting, Anderson creates a sink hit that Smith beautifully knocks out, and Crawley spreads his arms high at the wrong time as he is speeded on the second miss. It was a collision ball, so the problem was not beyond the concession of four more runs as Smith finished with another ton of Ashes.

Another through the groove! It’s not an obvious way to get through the 1990s but Smith is pushing through despite it, playing late with soft hands to beat Harry Brook on the third slip and just one step away from the mark. .

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 29, 2023 11:40


Australia 364-7 (89), Steve Smith 91, Pat Cummins 1, Stuart Broad 1-90 (21)

Hit! Great from Steve Smith, the Englishman spread the field and happily gave him a single shot, but the Australian hitter was good enough to pick his position and find the touchline. A shuffle through his stumps and a perfect grip with loose limbs from the fifth or sixth row. In the nineties he went.

He widens the field for the penultimate ball, hoping to bring Anderson six balls at Pat Cummins. Smith stretched out his arms to grant them their wishes, trusting in his captain, as best he could.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 29, 2023 11:36


Australia 359-7 (88), Steve Smith 87, Pat Cummins 1, James Anderson 1-36 (18)

That should make James Anderson feel better, scoring 687 in the Cricket Test but his first of the match. It was a clever game of bowling, requiring Starc to reach for one, and the tailor forced, not too flirty outside, to kneel, ring in hand.

That brings Pat Cummins to his first hit since his heroic Edgbaston times.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 29, 2023 11:33


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