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England vs Australia ashes LIVE: Cricket scorecard and updates as hosts lose Ben Stokes at Lord’s

Just Stop the Oil Crash as Britain’s Jonny Bairstow Pulls Protesters Out of the Courtyard

England went on for a third day on April 278 and trailed Australia in 138 runs after a resurgence day on Thursday. If opening day at Lord’s went the Australian way then Ben Stokes’ men regained momentum in the morning session by taking the last 5 points in just 77 runs to knock out the tourist with a scoreline. 416.

The top order then found their chance to give England a 208-2 lead as Zak Crawley (48) and Ollie Pope (42) both started and Ben Duckett was caught with a score of 98. A setback. Joe Root’s rare (10) gave Australia some heart that their short-ball strategy worked but Harry Brook (45*) and Ben Stokes (17*) brought the hosts close.

They will continue this morning in the hope of catching up with the Australian’s first total and opening the lead on leveled ground. Meanwhile, Australia will be hoping Nathan Lyon’s calf injury isn’t as serious as initially feared, with Steve Smith particularly concerned.

Watch all the action from day three of the second Ashes test match:


England 305-6 (71), Wide 3, Bairstow 15, Hazlewood 1-69 (12)

The first bowling change this morning was Josh Hazlewood replacing Pat Cummins at Pavilion End. Cummins established a more orthodox field for Jonny Bairstow with a couple of slips and deep-footed men for the occasional player. Bairstow drove the square of the racquet and collected one to bring back 300 for England.

They will need to run a few more times before they can think of winning this game.

Loose! Hazlewood pulled back his length with Stuart Broad, who was looking to hook him up. An upper edge flies down to the third man and yields a single hit after landing far away from the operator.

Four runs! A much-needed release for England came from Bairstow, who dribbled past two catchers in a sliding barrier and made it to the third-man’s boundary for four.

Mike JonesJune 30, 2023 11:58


England 299-6 (70), Wide 2, Bairstow 10, Starc 3-88 (17)

Stuart Broad’s main problem is around his hips. He likes to move sideways and get in the touchline of the short ball, when he is steady even though he can go over the bounce and direct the ball down. There’s a silly midway stop to catch though, though that makes things more complicated.

A very sharp guard quickly rushed over to Broad, who was awkwardly ducking underneath it. The referee signals for a wide touchline when the ball bounces over the top of the 6ft 4′ wide touchline.

Starc’s desire to cause trouble for hitters saw him swerve across a twisty road without the ball, bringing England closer to 300. The two extra innings were runs. the only place from the top down.

Mike JonesJune 30, 2023 11:52


England 297-6 (69), Wide 2, Bairstow 10, Cummins 0-46 (16)

This is not the time when Stuart Broad wants to hit the ball. A smash is not his thing at all. Not every ball is hit but there is enough speed and bounce to make it difficult for the hitter when it does.

Bairstow and Broad collected a few runs from Cummins’ over.

Mike JonesJune 30, 2023 11:47


England 294-6 (68), Wide 1, Bairstow 9, Starc 3-86 (16)

Stuart Broad was the new hitter for England and scored the winning goal with a midfield push. Mitchell Starc hit another shot at Jonny Bairstow, who leaned back and let the ball fly to Alex Carey.

Mike JonesJune 30, 2023 11:42


wick! Harry Brook ct Pat Cummins b Mitchell Starc 50 (68), England 293-6 (67.4)

Have him! Mitchell Starc’s short balls are working. He directed a hit to Harry Brook’s body as the batter tried to open the offside again.

Brook slaps a ball into the cover but fails to catch the ball well and passes it straight to Pat Cummins, who is holding the ball.

Mike JonesJune 30, 2023 11:39


England 293-5 (67.3), Brook 50, Bairstow 9, Starc 2-85 (15.3)

Now, the field suggests that Australia will also target Jonny Bairstow with some short content. There are men out in the deep and a short leg in place. Bairstow bounces and sends the ball to the opponent’s foot.

Harry Brook tries to score from offside. He stepped out on his feet and tried to lift a ball over his cover but missed the shot and sent it into the field.

Mike JonesJune 30, 2023 11:37


England 292-5 (67), Brook 50, Bairstow 8, Cummins 0-44 (15)

50 for Harry Brook! Pat Cummins closes in on a man to test Brook with another short serve but he turns very well and gets the ball down to his forefoot so a half-century bringer makes a lot of money!

Jonny Bairstow also picked up a single. The England team is gradually moving away from the running tracks they need. They go after 124.

Mike JonesJune 30, 2023 11:35


England 290-5 (66.2), Brook 49, Bairstow 7, Cummins 0-42 (14,2)

Good run from Harry Brook! Jonny Bairstow handled the short ball well and tried to keep the ball when he was close to offside. Brook noticed that the miners were a bit deep and called Bairstow over to get one.

Cummins then pings one into the deck. It was a heavy ball that gripped Brook’s gloves before hitting the side of his helmet.

There will be a break here while Brook undergoes a concussion test.

Mike JonesJune 30, 2023 11:29


England 289-5 (66), Brook 49, Bairstow 6, Starc 2-84 (15)

Australia certainly think there is a weakness in Harry Brook’s short-ball play. Mitchell Starc nudged him with three bounces before Brook hit him in the hip.

Then, Starc passed the ball to Jonny Bairstow, who performed a half-volley and pushed the ball to the puncher in the middle of the match. The final ball is hit inward and Bairstow imagines it.

He pulls and puts the ball into the space at the square foot. There were two men at the boundary but neither was enough and Bairstow started running.

Mike JonesJune 30, 2023 11:26


England 287-5 (65), Brook 48, Bairstow 5, Cummins 0-41 (14)

Take care of Jonny. Pat Cummins continued when he found a modicum of bounce to get the ball flying low down the court. Bairstow executes a ball on the inside edge, causing the ball to clack into his pad and excite the Australian for half a second.

Bairstow defended the rest of the over. This was a good start to his rounds as Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc found their rhythm from the start.

Mike JonesJune 30, 2023 11:22


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