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England vs Australia LIVE: Ashes scorecard and third Test updates today

Marcus Trescothick comfortable with Ben Duckett pardon

Mark Wood produced a thrilling quick bowling to help England beat Australia on the first day of the Tuesday Ashes Test at Headingley but the game was in the balance when the home team responded.

The nimble pitcher, playing the First Test of the Summer, produced a hostile opening before knocking out the Australian to end the first Test of the Year on British soil.

But Mitchell Marsh caught fire, creating a superb run hundreds of times to rescue Australia after four early goals. The all-round ton was an Australian’s fastest ton on British soil since Victor Trumper in 1902, but his dismissal over tea led to a six-23 prodigious demise as Wood tore through the stuff. lower self.

Missile athlete Durham’s 5 to 34 took the lead to cut Australia’s plays by 263 in all. Follow all the live action below from Headingley as England face Australia:


OUTSIDE! Marnus Labuschagne c Brook b Ali 33 (77b 5×4 0x6), Australia 68.2 (25.2)

Pick out the deep square feet! What a curious shot!

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 7, 2023 16:59


Australia 67/1 (25), Usman Khawaja 32, Marnus Labuschagne 33, Mark Wood 0-7 (6) (93 lead)

Mark Wood tries to produce some rough shots for his teammates, due to what I think is an informal warning by the referee to a follow-through towards the danger zone.

Reduce! Jonny Bairstow put another down! It was a really tough change, with Marnus Labuschagne gloved for a lateral pull, but Bairstow got the full stretch to his left. Wood, lying on his stomach after falling, put his hands over his head.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 7, 2023 16:58


Australia 66/1 (24), Usman Khawaja 31, Marnus Labuschagne 33, Moeen Ali 0-14 (6) (92 lead)

Of course, there is no rush for Australia at this point, as there are more than three days to go. The threat of rain won’t bother them either, as a draw will keep the vase in the cupboard for a few more years.

Moeen Ali didn’t find too much uneven ground to make his breakthroughs. The ball that passed Usman Khawaja a few laps ago is the only ball that has really matched the spinner so far.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 7, 2023 16:54


Australia 63/1 (23), Usman Khawaja 29, Marnus Labuschagne 32, Mark Wood 0-6 (5) (89 lead)

It’s time for a bit of a car break, as Ben Stokes pushes the field back as Mark Wood tries to break this partnership. The Khawaja-Labuschagne association hit 50 when the left-hander tiptoed and touched offside for a single goal.

Jimmy Peirson, Australia’s reserve hitter on this tour with Josh Inglis on maternity leave, trotted in a bright orange bib, carrying a new set of gloves and a bottle, but was severely injured. talent chasing back. Odd from Peirson, ran out midway – he was finally allowed out at the end of the ride for a quick chat with a pair of colleagues in Queensland.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 7, 2023 16:49


Australia 59/1 (22), Usman Khawaja 27, Marnus Labuschagne 30, Moeen Ali 0-11 (5) (85 lead)

Wood did an excellent job, continuing to bounce in deep and circling the touchline to cut off a Usman Khawaja cut that appeared to be for the cover fence. The two batters spin slowly for a third and eventually decline – saving two runs.

It’s all pretty quiet out there, but the heads of the Barmy Army are trying to make things go smoothly, the trumpets are greased and the trumpets begin to blow.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 7, 2023 16:43


Australia 57/1 (21), Usman Khawaja 25, Marnus Labuschagne 30, Mark Wood 0-2 (4) (83 lead)

Mark Wood is back, looking to rekindle the first few fireworks. He’s around the racquet for left-handed Usman Khawaja but starts at his hips, with Khawaja tucking it down his dominant foot.

Pure speed can be a capricious beast and that’s not quite the case with Wood today. He’s a frugal man, but these two have him in control, the pace is a bit off and lower than yesterday’s X-factor. However, there’s still plenty of time for tonight’s quick show.

(Beautiful pictures)

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 7, 2023 16:40


Australia 56/1 (20), Usman Khawaja 24, Marnus Labuschagne 30, Moeen Ali 0-9 (4) (82 lead)

Marnus Labuschagne was furious with himself, taking a throw he could have thrown into Leeds city center midway through to miss a scoring opportunity.

He makes up for the next ball, the quick footwork getting him into position to carve Moeen towards the back of the square. He repeated his shot late in the half, but a sprawling Harry Brook saved his pitcher from conceding four more goals.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 7, 2023 16:33


Australia 50/1 (19), Usman Khawaja 23, Marnus Labuschagne 25, Stuart Broad 1-23 (7) (76 lead)

An undulating hit from Ben Stokes, stationed on the gutter but Ben Duckett was down deep, ready for a slash from Marnus Labuschagne.

Stokes’ feet in the past! Another Labuschagne touchline was out of range of catchers and Stokes couldn’t touch it on his left return. Through the gap for four.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 7, 2023 16:30


Australia 45/1 (18), Usman Khawaja 23, Marnus Labuschagne 20, Moeen Ali 0-3 (3) (71 lead)

Blimey. Moeen Ali saw both spin and bounce, the service kicking up like a scared hedgehog as Usman Khawaja turned around to smash it. There are clear signs that this parched surface may be starting to deteriorate.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 7, 2023 16:26


Australia 44/1 (17), Usman Khawaja 23, Marnus Labuschagne 19, Stuart Broad 1-18 (6) (70 lead)

Floaty from Stuart Broad, generously presented Labuschagne with a wide volley. The polisher tucks in, driving elegantly through the sub-shell.

Excellent return! Many hints of bounce could change as the surface perhaps starts to misbehave, Broad’s ball slams into Labuschange’s clubhead and safely diverts with a friendly blow to the biceps.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 7, 2023 16:22


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