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Ashes 2023 live: England v Australia fourth Test, day one score today – cricket latest updates

Stokes: “The weather forecast could decide how we play in the 4th Ashes Test”

England’s hopes of getting past the Australian players quickly were met with resistance at Old Trafford, where the tourists hit 107 for two on the first morning of Wednesday’s Ashes Test.

In light hitting conditions, Ben Stokes gambled by putting Australia in first place, fueled by his team’s 2-1 deficit in the series and the risk of being knocked out at the weekend, but need an early breakout to justify the call.

Stuart Broad responded by knocking out Usman Khawaja in a three-man opener, switching to 599 Tests in the process, but England only managed one more before lunch as Chris Woakes was already beaten by David Warner caught later with a score of 32.

After successive defeats to Edgbaston and Lord, the hosts kept their hopes alive with a famous victory over Headingley as England completed a memorable score chase. Now, Britain will look to continue their momentum and set up a winner-take-all in the Oval Office next week.

England recalled James Anderson as Ashes returned to the 40-year-old’s home field, replacing Ollie Robinson in the only change from the Third Test, while Australia retained Warner – despite his difficulties. before Stuart Broad.

Follow all the action live from Old Trafford as England face Australia:


OUTSIDE! Cameron Green lbw b Woakes 16 (29b 1×4 0x6), Australia 254/6 (62.1)

It’s just a cut, but that would be right for England!

There are more doubts about the appeal perhaps first appearing, height and line of questions when Chris Woakes attacks the angle. Cameron Green played completely the wrong way but probably felt unlucky to be triggered as it only lost a bit of the top of the stump – but that’s all ball tracking needs to do, of course, for his decision. Joel Wilson is left in place and England to break up another burgeoning partnership. Woakes strikes with his first ball and Alex Carey wanders to the boos.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 19, 2023 16:58



Straight and banging on the knee roll…Send! Cameron Green reviews but that seems almost direct and it just needs to be cut…

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 19, 2023 16:57


Australia 254/5 (62), Cameron Green 16, Mitchell Marsh 51, Mark Wood 1-58 (12)

Mark Wood aimed for the toes, forcing Cameron Green to push down his club like a stakeholder and keep it out. England wondered if it might have been the front toe, but declined to judge – replays showed it was on track with Green’s trotters safely withdrawn.

50 for the Mitchell Swamp! His good return to the Australian team continues, a 56th ball in half a century coming with seven firsts and sixs to rekindle the innings for the second consecutive Test. He got there with a tickle down the side of his leg.

(Beautiful pictures)

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 19, 2023 16:56


Australia 245/5 (61), Cameron Green 12, Mitchell Marsh 46, Moeen Ali 1-51 (11)

A full throw from Moeen was hit back by him four times, Ben Stokes lunged forward and darted past but didn’t manage to claw back. Moeen seems to have just lost the rhythm of her spell nine times, and Chris Woakes seems to be letting loose.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 19, 2023 16:51


Australia 241/5 (60), Cameron Green 12, Mitchell Marsh 42, Mark Wood 1-48 (11)

Another 50 partnership is for Australia, and another is dominated by a single hitter with Mitchell Marsh scoring free. Five of the top six currently have at least 32 points, with a high score of 51 – you’d think Marsh would need to cash in if Australia wanted to achieve something north of 350.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 19, 2023 16:49


Australia 237/5 (59), Cameron Green 11, Mitchell Marsh 39, Moeen Ali 1-50 (10)

Zak Crawley twice got into the action in deep cover, first with a slight fumble on the floor that left the hitter with two as he strode to the right, then a guaranteed off-balance throw that Mitchell Marsh got home safely with a few more on this tally after Crawley had rounded his left boundary.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 19, 2023 16:43


Australia 233/5 (58), Cameron Green 11, Mitchell Marsh 35, Mark Wood 1-45 (10)

Mark Wood returns to try to disrupt this growing partnership. Mitch Marsh battled out his heat at Headingley, knocking out the British fast, and the first sign here is that he will repeat that approach, aiming an almighty kick at the ball. Wood’s first but missed completely to hit the middle.

No chance but it slips out of Ben Stokes’ hands! The captain of the England team roared to the sky with Mitch Marsh being cut off by his partner, called over, and then sent back. Stokes had time to aim his shy but never quite got his fingers around the ball, dropping it as Marsh scrambled. A let-down for Australia.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 19, 2023 16:39


Australia 232/5 (57), Cameron Green 11, Mitchell Marsh 34, Moeen Ali 1-46 (9)

Mitchell Marsh looks intent here, tossing back-to-back balls on the side-lined highway, beating the boxer at deep range as they hit the touchline.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 19, 2023 16:33


Australia 223/5 (56), Cameron Green 11, Mitchell Marsh 25, Stuart Broad 2-68 (14)

Wow, great movement off the pitch! Cameron Green was completely defeated, understandably, when a wobbling seam ball from Stuart Broad presumably hit a crack and plummeted over his outer edge. It was the first ball that we actually saw today of that length.

Shoot! Mitchell Marsh refuses to be limited, muscularly lifting Broad back over his head to perform a four-at-a-time swing.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 19, 2023 16:31


Australia 217/5 (55), Cameron Green 10, Mitchell Marsh 20, Moeen Ali 1-37 (8)

Mitchell Marsh is up against Moeen Ali, his only truly authoritative movement to date that will launch in the long run. Joe Root, on a slip, is getting hot when Marsh’s outer edge is beaten, but the impact on his back cushion is a way beyond the boundary of the origin.

Harry Latham-CoyleJuly 19, 2023 16:27


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