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England vs Australia LIVE: Cricket scorecard and Ashes updates from the first Test at Edgbaston as Stuart Broad strikes twice

Hazlewood on Day 1 of the Ashes: ‘We will stick to our guns and not get drawn into another brand of England cricket’

Stuart Broad put Edgbaston into ecstasy by continuing to strangle David Warner then winning Marnus Labuschagne’s first ball as England started off like a dream through the second day of the first Ash Test.

Warner endured a rough time against Broad in the 2019 series, being knocked out seven times in 10 innings and Australia’s opener was sent off again by bete-noire after dragging a stump. The noise rose to another level as Broad found Labuschagne’s outer edge and Jonny Bairstow made a brilliant catch diving to his right as Australia slid to 29-2 on Saturday morning.

England captain Ben Stokes, whose fitness issues made him a doubt for a run in this series, then fell into the trap of award winner Steve Smith lbw when Australia fell by a margin. number 78-3 at lunch. However, they fought back in the afternoon thanks to 50 from Usman Khawaja and Travis Head to a much more respectable 188-4 at tea in response to the hosts’ 393-8 claim being set. by Joe Root’s Master Century on Friday.

Follow the latest scores and updates from Edgbaston below:


Australia 243-5 (74), Alex Carey 10, Usman Khawaja 108, Moeen Ali 2-103 (25)

Come on! Alex Carey freed his arm, delivered an over-high break with disdain, and beamed it between the pitcher and Harry Brook shortly in between. There’s not much distance there but both men are hopeless.

Jonny Bairstow imagines there’s an advantage as he neatly collects his left as Ali is spat on the surface by one, but the rest of the England players don’t care. Moeen shook his head and Ben Stokes kindly insisted – no consideration… and no clubbing, although it wasn’t very far from Carey’s blade.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 17, 2023 17:03


Australia 238-5 (73), Alex Carey 6, Usman Khawaja 107, Ollie Robinson 0-42 (13)

Ollie Robinson draws a real side from Alex Carey, one of very few today, that reflects the nature of this surface. It skewered through an empty gutter and forced James Anderson into the hard court. Pulled back when there was room – a good, even stride for Anderson, still a graceful athlete in the fifth decade.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 17, 2023 17:00


Australia 231-5 (72), Alex Carey 3, Usman Khawaja 103, Moeen Ali 2-98 (23)

Strictly speaking, there is now a new (old) ball, with England once again demanding a change as the second Duke of the inning was disqualified. Five dots and one dot from the 23rd of Moeen Ali.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 17, 2023 16:55


Australia 230-5 (71), Alex Carey 3, Usman Khawaja 102, Ollie Robinson 0-35 (12)

Ollie Robinson is doing another roll, which means he’ll drop the new ten ball assignment until a new ball is available.

Alex Carey, another former Sussex teammate of Robinson’s on an Australian middleweight team full of surnames, threw a ball into the cover, but Ollie Pope got in the way. Six dots.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 17, 2023 16:51


Australia 230-5 (70), Alex Carey 3, Usman Khawaja 102, Moeen Ali 2-97 (23)

You can see exactly how much that one hundred dollar amount means to Usman Khawaja, who walks away as soon as he finds a gap in the gutter. He’s had plenty of battles in England in the past, on and off a series of tough tours where he was tortured by the moving ball. But today he was very, very organized, attacking whenever England missed and judging his stroke of the club against the England cranks very well.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 17, 2023 16:46


100 for Usman Khawaja! Australia 229-5 (69), Alex Carey 2, Usman Khawaja 102, Ben Stokes 1-33 (7)

Beautifully driven by Usman Khawaja – is it steam enough to get to the fence?…Not really, and the opener missed as he turned around looking for a third run.

But there is a hundred with a dab for the third man! Khawaja’s 15th total and first in the UK and celebrated with a cheer of delight! He played quite well today, always comfortable on these slow surfaces. It’s a ton of testament to all his hard work and perseverance – his Experimental renaissance continues!

12 fourths and two sixths in a beautiful round from Australia’s opening game

(Beautiful pictures)

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 17, 2023 16:43


Australia 221-5 (68), Alex Carey 1, Usman Khawaja 96, Moeen Ali 2-96 (22)

Alex Carey hit the bend with England immediately pushing the point out deep to guard against his favorite sweep back. Carey scored the only goal, giving Ben Stokes the chance to play to Usman Khawaja’s favor by bringing the pitch on. The opener didn’t like Moeen continued, blocking a ball that went off the post back to the pitcher.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 17, 2023 16:39


OUTSIDE! Cameron Green b Ali 38 (68b 4×4 1×6) SR: 55.88, Australia 220-5 (67.1)

A beauty! Take a sharp turn for Moeen Ali and hit the top of the tree in the middle!

It’s the classic Moeen. He makes a lot of farts with this ball, drawing Cameron Green into an airy and drifting steering stroke, but drives through his action to get off this dry surface. It came back over the inside edge and upset the underwriters, a crackerjack player was fired – Green had to make a well-composed 38 as Australia again lost a racquet as soon as they started placing He’s in a difficult position.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 17, 2023 16:34


Australia 220-4 (67), Cameron Green 37, Usman Khawaja 96, Ben Stokes 1-25 (6)

Stokes asked if Khawaja would like to flash with a wide half volley to get there; Khawaja withdrew his hand in refusal.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 17, 2023 16:34


Australia 220-4 (66.4), Cameron Green 37, Usman Khawaja 96, Ben Stokes 1-25 (5.4)

For the first time in the day, it feels like England has gone a little flat, their captain trying to find rhythm on the ball and the Edgbaston crowd still needing to wake up from their late afternoon nap.

Great from Usman Khawaja – one of those trademark short arm jabs and he’s in one shot.

Harry Latham-CoyleJune 17, 2023 16:32


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