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Barbie and Oppenheimer reviews land ahead of release day – Barbenheimer latest news today

Barbie cast turns London Eye pink to celebrate movie premiere

Hollywood feels more like the center of the universe than ever this week as the arrivals of two of the year’s biggest movies coincide with a historic actors strike.

Predictions for Greta Gerwig Barbie doll and by Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer reached a fever pitch before its simultaneous release on July 21.

axis reported this week that theaters in Texas, Washington DC and Atlanta have sold out of tickets for the Margot Robbie-led movie about the popular toy doll.

Meanwhile, Oppenheimer star Matt Damon has spoken personally about his decision to star in the film, after he promised his wife he would take a break from acting in couples therapy.

OppenheimerHowever, the London premiere was cut short due to the cast leaving early to prepare for the SAG-AFTRA strike order, which began a few hours after the event.

The Actors Guild has joined the Writers Guild of America, which has been on strike since early May, demanding an increase in base pay and residuals in the era of streaming television, plus guarantees that their work will not be replaced by AI.


The Independent gives ‘Oppenheimer’ four stars

In her four-star review, independenceClarisse Loughrey’s film critic called Oppenheimer “Best and Most Revealing Work” by Christopher Nolan.

“The film is built in a way that allows the audience to understand, on an intellectual level, the deep power and chaos that have led the central character of the film to refer to himself as the Hindu bible ‘Death, destroyer of the world’.

However, Loughrey adds that Oppenheimer perhaps failed to delve “into a deep, emotional space that can be both overwhelming and difficult to put into words. It’s a bit too self-conscious and the way cinema creates its own reality.”

Read the full review here:

Matthew CooperJuly 19, 2023 17:17


‘Oppenheimer’ beats ‘Barbie’ on Rotten Tomatoes

Barbie doll premiered on Rotten Tomatoes yesterday (July 18) with an impressive critical score of 90%.

However, by Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer took the cherry with a near-perfect score of 94% at the time of writing.

Tom MurrayJuly 20, 2023 06:39


‘Oppenheimer’ Review: Smart, Imaginative and Best Christopher Nolan

Read independenceFour star review here:

Tom MurrayJuly 20, 2023 05:41


Christopher Nolan Explains Why He Cast His Daughter To Play The Girl Who Was Exploded In A Nuclear Explosion

Speaking in a new interview with walkie talkieNolan revealed that when his daughter, 22-year-old Flora, visited the set with his wife, producer Emma Thomas, he realized he could cast her as an unnamed young woman whose skin had been stripped from her face in a nuclear explosion, according to the sequence that occurred in Oppenheimer’s mind.

Flora is credited on IMDb as “Burning Victim” for her work on the film.

Tom MurrayJuly 20, 2023 04:40


How did a former ‘Love Island’ star get a cameo on ‘Barbie’?

If you know Margot Robbie then you know how much the Australian actor admires Love Island.

The Barbie doll The star is a self-obsessed fanatic of the ITV dating show – so much so that fifth season contestant Chris Taylor has found her way into her series.

Taylor confirmed in an interview at Barbie doll premiere in London that he had a small part in, says in the picture.

Tom Murray20 July 2023 03:42


How long are ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’?

Christopher Nolan is not known for his afternoon short films and Oppenheimer makes no difference, a chronograph with a run time of exactly three hours.

Awesome Gerwig Barbie dollmeanwhile, is a more manageable hour and 54 minutes long.

Margot Robbie in ‘Barbie’ and Cillian Murphy in ‘Oppenheimer’

(Warner Bros/Universal)

Tom MurrayJuly 20, 2023 02:43


What is the true story behind ‘Oppenheimer’ and the Manhattan Project?

Wondering how far Nolan can go Oppenheimer far from reality?

You can read the full summary of the history behind the atomic bomb and the real J Robert Oppenheimer here:

Tom MurrayJuly 20, 2023 01:46


Taxi Driver’s Paul Schrader considers Oppenheimer ‘the most important film of this century’

Writer and filmmaker Paul Schrader described Oppenheimer as “the best movie” and “the most important movie of this century”.

Tom MurrayJuly 20, 2023 01:08


Is ‘Barbie’ child-friendly?

Though it’s easy to assume Barbie doll For children, when reviewing its source material, some parents may need some more information about the PG-13 rating (equivalent to a 12A rating in the UK).

A PG-13 rating is usually given to titles that the Motion Picture Association (MPA) feels contains “certain material that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13”.

Barbie doll was granted this rating for “suggestive references and concise language”.

Learn more about the film’s suitability for children here:

Tom MurrayJuly 20, 2023 00:10


Ted Cruz continues to attack Barbie movie as ‘Chinese communist propaganda’ even though he hasn’t seen it

Ted Cruz once again accusations coming Barbie doll movies promoting “Chinese communist propaganda” – though I haven’t seen it yet.

For weeks, the Texas senator has focused on a scene from the world map trailer of a disputed area in the South China Sea.

Tom MurrayJuly 19, 2023 23:29


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