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Barbie vs Oppenheimer latest news: Frontrunner emerges in battle for box office supremacy

Barbie cast turns London Eye pink to celebrate movie premiere

Hollywood feels more like the center of the universe than ever this week as the arrivals of two of the year’s biggest movies coincide with a historic actors strike.

Predictions for Greta Gerwig Barbie doll and by Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer reached a fever pitch before its simultaneous release on July 21.

While OppenheimerThe critical rating of has blown over Barbie doll with a near-perfect Rotten Tomato score, it was in fact expected that the latter would overtake the former in terms of ticket sales.

Barbie doll is estimated to earn $110 million at the US box office in its opening weekend, while Oppenheimer is set to gross $50 million.

axis reported this week that theaters in Texas, Washington DC and Atlanta have sold out of tickets for the Margot Robbie-led movie about the popular toy doll.

OppenheimerHowever, the London premiere was cut short due to the cast leaving early to prepare for the SAG-AFTRA strike order, which began a few hours after the event.

The actors’ union has joined the Writers Guild of America, which has been on strike since early May, demanding an increase in base pay and leftovers in the era of streaming television, plus assurances that their work won’t be replaced by AI.


Google captivates fans with special effects for Barbie movies: ‘So cute’

The devil works hard, but Barbie doll The film’s marketing team worked harder. Now, the Google search engine is ready ahead of the much-anticipated live-action movie’s release on Friday, July 21.

This week, fans noticed that if they typed the phrase “Barbie” into a search engine, they’d be treated to a glittering pink visual feast. The screen will also turn pink and some text and icons on the search page will turn pink.

The same effect occurs when users search for the terms “Margot Robbie” and “Ryan Gosling,” both of whom star in the film, and “Greta Gerwig,” the director of the film. Barbie doll.

peonyJuly 21, 2023 07:30


Barbie: Album Review – Billie Eilish leads an erratic soundtrack like the movie that inspired it

“Unusually, the bigger names here – including Dua Lipa and Sam Smith – are the most dominant,” writes. of independence White Adam.

peonyJuly 21, 2023 07:15


Oppenheimer has yet to receive a theatrical release date in Japan

Is the release date for Christopher Nolan’s new epic Oppenheimer approached, rumors had begun to spread that the film was banned in Japan.

peonyJuly 21, 2023 07:00


Oppenheimer Review: Smart, Imaginative and Best of Christopher Nolan

“Cillian Murphy allows the light to fade out of his eyes in every subsequent scene, but it is Robert Downey Jr who is the great here,” writes. of independence Clarisse Loughrey.

peonyJuly 21, 2023 06:30


Margot Robbie’s stylist reveals six rare outfits for Barbie’s press trip

Margot Robbie had spectacular performances on every hot pink carpet of Barbie doll press tour, but some of her planned Mattel-inspired outfits were not officially announced due to the SAG-AFTRA strikes that cut short the worldwide event schedule.

To give well-deserved recognition for missed looks, Robbie’s stylist, Andrew Mukamal, debuted six never-before-seen shots in an Instagram post on July 18.

peonyJuly 21, 2023 06:00


Consenting to Oppenheimer’s legacy, US officials vow to prioritize cleanup at nuclear lab

The cost of cleaning up waste from the Manhattan Project was once a top secret and subsequent Cold War nuclear research at Los Alamos National Laboratory has more than doubled in the past seven years, and independent federal investigators say federal officials will have to do a better job of tracking costs and progress.

peonyJuly 21, 2023 05:30


VOICE: The real reason behind the Barbie movie backlash

In the days before the release Barbie doll Directed by Greta Gerwig, the film has been subject to various attacks by right-wing figures, whose problem with the film lies in what they say is a “wake-up” and “feminist” agenda. In a time when conservatives attack women like never before, it’s no surprise that they’re also pursuing the simple things that bring us joy, like this movie.

(AP, Getty)

Nylah Burton wrote: “None of these people are brave enough to admit why they hate this movie.”

Inga . ParkJuly 21, 2023 05:00


Barbie movie merchandise: From Barbie dolls to Zara collaborations

In addition to buying movie tickets, there are many ways for us, real-life people, to be part of the Barbie fun.

From designer shoes, t-shirts, and of course, dolls, here’s a guide to discounted merchandise to join the Barbie (and Ken) party.

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From Barbie dolls to pink sneakers, bags, makeup, and more, there are plenty of pink themed items for you to purchase before the movie premieres.

Inga . ParkJuly 21, 2023 04:30


Vue CEO says 22 percent of those who booked tickets for ‘Oppenheimer’ also booked tickets for ‘Barbie’

In a statement addressed to independenceTim Richards, founder and CEO of Vue International said: “We see incredible demand in the UK for both Christopher Nolan’s and Christopher Nolan’s. Oppenheimer and by Greta Gerwig Barbie dollpart of this summer’s wave of blockbusters and 22% of people have already booked tickets to see it Oppenheimer also booked tickets for Barbie doll.

“Barbie doll Pre-sales to date are higher than any other blockbuster released this year, and we expect this strong demand to continue, bringing Barbie doll is on track to be the biggest UK film of 2023 to date.”

Vue added that any Barbie doll fans brought real-life Ken with them to the chain of transparent cinemas Barbie doll Opening weekend (July 21 – 23) will receive a free Tango Ice Blast or regular popcorn.

Inga . ParkJuly 21, 2023 04:00


Barbie is expected to blow up the box office, with Oppenheimer in tow

Barbie dollis finally here, and with all the pre-launch rumours, box office estimates are everywhere.

The film is expected to earn between $95 million (£72 million) and $110 million (£84 million) from its opening weekend in 4,200 theaters in North America, according to the report. Diversity.

Still, Warner Bros. is playing it safe and estimates a starting revenue of $75m (£57m). Meanwhile, there are some estimates that say it could make as much as $140 million (£107 million).

Although, regardless of its weekend sales, they are expected to be higher Oppenheimer‘s, is hoping to make $50m (£38m) from its opening weekend in 3,600 cinemas.

Inga . ParkJuly 21, 2023 03:30


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